Museumplein Markt

Once Sinterklaas has visited the Nederlands the Christmas trees and decorations come out with a vengeance!

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So do the Christmas markets. We put ourselves out there this weekend and headed off to the market in Amsterdam’s Museum Square. Would you like to know more?


Sometimes the stars align, and you get everything that makes you happiest all at once. I had a week like that last week. As the stars aligned, I was able to meet up with a friend I’ve spoken with almost every day in the last 5 years. We planned our weddings together, saw each other through good times and bad, and bought each other random gifts while traveling! (Doing our bit to keep the postal service alive!) Initially we lived on different continents, and in different time zones. We’re a lot closer now, but for one reason or another only actually met face to face last week! And we gossiped just like friends should. (Poor Himself.)

After picking her up from Schipol it was off to Leidseplein for dinner as I hadn’t had time to grocery shop! We may have then headed off for an after dinner whiskey.

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The tasting menus at L&B are still amazing! Would you like to know more?

Sunday Market

The Sunday Market at Westergasfabriek is always a fun way to spend time each month.

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But its even more so at this time of year when you get to shop for Giftmas! You should always begin by having a warming cup of gluhwein while having a small boogie to the resident DJ too. Would you like to know more?

Playing at Tour Guide

No matter what the temperature tells me, Mother Nature is telling me that it’s Spring!

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So much has happened since getting back from Prague! We still had our travel companions staying with us for several days once we returned home, but we continued on with our normal weekly routine as well, so there were still Language classes for me in amongst all the sight seeing.

When our friends headed back to Australia that was when the plague descended upon the household. I don’t remember much of that week. I was sick enough that I didn’t make it to my first Dutch Class. I had no voice, and I didn’t really think anyone else wanted to get my fever or cough.

That week though, ended with some other friends in town who I haven’t seen in years! It really is a wonderful experience to be able to show off our beautiful city to people we have known since childhood, but not seen or really spoken to in fifteen years.

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Combining sight seeing with catching up is a great way to spend several days. Would you like to know more?