Playing at Tour Guide

No matter what the temperature tells me, Mother Nature is telling me that it’s Spring!

 photo IMG_2679_zps2f6c6913.jpg

So much has happened since getting back from Prague! We still had our travel companions staying with us for several days once we returned home, but we continued on with our normal weekly routine as well, so there were still Language classes for me in amongst all the sight seeing.

When our friends headed back to Australia that was when the plague descended upon the household. I don’t remember much of that week. I was sick enough that I didn’t make it to my first Dutch Class. I had no voice, and I didn’t really think anyone else wanted to get my fever or cough.

That week though, ended with some other friends in town who I haven’t seen in years! It really is a wonderful experience to be able to show off our beautiful city to people we have known since childhood, but not seen or really spoken to in fifteen years.

 photo IMG_2689_zpsf1a8df8b.jpg

Combining sight seeing with catching up is a great way to spend several days.

 photo IMG_2693_zps544c4dd0.jpg

Just having the opportunity to catch up over dinner for several hours with a different friend who was also in town, whom we hadn’t seen for five years … it seemed like there was so much to catch up on, and yet conversely, like no time had passed at all.

It’s a wonderful era in which we live that it really is so easy to stay in contact with friends and family even when they now live on the other side of the planet for years between the times in which you can see each other face to face.

It is also a grand excuse to see things you don’t normally see (or in the case of the Noordermarkt, hadn’t seen yet!)

 photo IMG_2694_zps5c144d10.jpg

I could spend so much time and money here!

It’s a time to try new and different Brown House Cafes. You could spend a life time and never return to the same one twice!

 photo IMG_2713_zps20b7fdec.jpg

Explaining that it really is most amazingly Dutch to have an entire shop of just cheese (kaas) and bread (brood)!

 photo IMG_2736_zpsa888c2e9.jpg

Just showing off the quaint beauty of the city, which strikes anew every time I wander through the canals, makes me remember how lucky I am to be here.

 photo IMG_2750_zps4b3074c0.jpg

What have you done lately that reminds you of how amazing life is? When was the last time you caught up with old friends?

 photo IMG_2749_zpsdbe198af.jpg

It almost makes up for missing my beautiful niece’s eleventh birthday. I’ve never missed one of her birthdays before. Love you Muppet!

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