Noordermarkt on a Monday

It has been over a year since I went to the Noordermarkt on a Monday morning. I just hadn’t had reason to go.

 photo IMG_1865_zpsc9fd6e9d.jpg

Having just been again though, I really wish I hadn’t left it so long! They have everything!

 photo IMG_1866_zpse2132f22.jpg

You just have to spend some time searching the stalls, and fighting your way through the crowds!

 photo IMG_1867_zps1fb15753.jpg

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the Dutch are weird. Then again, Australians can be equally tacky.

 photo IMG_1868_zpse014acdf.jpg

The diversity of stuff is really impressive!

 photo IMG_1870_zps6f88193d.jpg

There are essentials.

 photo IMG_1886_zps93a536df.jpg

Other essentials I guess.

 photo IMG_1890_zps15c505ff.jpg

Even more essentials!

 photo IMG_1891_zpsd530ae44.jpg

I would love to start a collection of these!

 photo IMG_1917_zps8d00d4d4.jpg

But I would want someone else to dust them every week!

 photo IMG_1925_zpsb4b82224.jpg

It is a wonderful way to begin your Monday. But I keep forgetting just how big it is! It takes a LOT of stamina to make it up one side and down the other!

6 thoughts on “Noordermarkt on a Monday

  1. yes I agree It’s a great market to have a leisurely (?) stroll but it’s soooo early. Did you go for appeltaart and coffee. The cafe there serves the best appeltaart in Holland. I know I’ve tried it.

    1. We didn’t have time to stop this day! Unfortunately there was an appointment to get to 😦
      But I have been there! And you’re right it is as good as everyone says 😉

  2. So much stuff! And crowded, too, I’m guessing. Both would contribute to making it invigorating and a tad overwhelming at the same time 🙂

    (also, those thongs/flipflops. Please let us know if you ever see someone wearing them! They’re really something else, aren’t they?)

    1. Yep, it was PACKED! I had to time the photographs very carefully in order to show what was on the tables!

      I havent’ seen anyone wearing them yet, though somewhere within the haze of World Cup Fever which is upon us … who knows … 😉

  3. Just realized: are those two little dogs sitting on the display table in the first picture? Right next to all the serving ware?

    1. Yes. Yes they are 😀

      And by the time I’d walked up one side of the market and got back to this spot, and most of the stalls were packed up or packing up, I got to pat and play with them too! 😀 They were so friendly!!!

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