Sometimes the stars align, and you get everything that makes you happiest all at once. I had a week like that last week. As the stars aligned, I was able to meet up with a friend I’ve spoken with almost every day in the last 5 years. We planned our weddings together, saw each other through good times and bad, and bought each other random gifts while traveling! (Doing our bit to keep the postal service alive!) Initially we lived on different continents, and in different time zones. We’re a lot closer now, but for one reason or another only actually met face to face last week! And we gossiped just like friends should. (Poor Himself.)

After picking her up from Schipol it was off to Leidseplein for dinner as I hadn’t had time to grocery shop! We may have then headed off for an after dinner whiskey.

 photo IMG_7952_zps57940be9.jpg

The tasting menus at L&B are still amazing!

 photo IMG_7950_zps6b655334.jpg

As touristy as Leidseplein is, the next day we headed a little bit out of town towards something a little more family oriented.

After some unexpected adventures, we got to Zaanse Schans in perfect time for lunch, and therefore had to have pancakes. We both opted for the bacon on cheese, because when it looks like this, why wouldn’t you?

 photo IMG_7958_zps9a4d5ad9.jpg

I swear it actually tastes better than it looks!

But there were sights to see so off we went! We headed for the first open museum and found ourselves surrounded by clogs. Some fit better than others.

 photo IMG_7960_zps711acae8.jpg

Then it was on to the windmills. All the open windmills gave us a chance to get out of the cold and the drizzle, but the spice milling wind mill is still the most welcoming, with it’s scents of cinnamon, cloves and mustard!

Of course, this one pictured here is for milling wood.

 photo IMG_7975_zps0ce78527.jpg

Back into town and we did a quick tour around Our Lord in the Attic, which is completely different when you see it at twilight and you realise that there are no electric lights in the buildings! Note to Future Self, go in the height of daylight, not 4:30pm in late Autumn!

Then it was on to Dam Square which is putting on not only a spectacular lights show this season, but has a market going on up the side of the Rokin!

 photo IMG_7986_zpsac80f514.jpg

They have every food and drink you could want for keeping out the winter chill! And Winter hasn’t even really started yet here!

 photo IMG_7989_zpsc29028e5.jpg

The next day we powered through the Albert Cuyp Markt and then on to De Afstap and Penelope’s. (Yes she’s a knitter too. We met on Ravelry afterall!)

But before long it was time to head back to the apartment, pack all her new found treasures into her bags, and head off to Schipol for farewells.

 photo IMG_7993_zps090e1031.jpg

It was such an amazing few days, that it all seemed to be over so quickly … Next time of course, I’ll have to return the favour and head to Geneva!

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