Today’s Table – Hat, Mittens, Shawl

I have been busy! But with the cold finally arriving, I can’t afford to not have all the warm woollies to wear! First and foremost, I finished and blocked my hat!

 photo IMG_7942_zps4e2520f0.jpg

Check out the amazing design on the top!

 photo IMG_7941_zpsada75e12.jpg

Himself loves this hat. He can finally find me in a crowd!

I love this design so much that I’m now making the matching mittens …

 photo IMG_7943_zps89c090da.jpg

I think once they’re finished The set will look amazing! 😀

And finally, I have been working at growing the Aeolian.

 photo IMG_7944_zps62108910.jpg

As with most big lacey shawl knits, this one from now isn’t really going to look like much until it’s finished. For a while it’s just going to look like a growing mass of yarn. You’re going to have to trust me that it will look amazing. 😉

What have you been up to?

4 thoughts on “Today’s Table – Hat, Mittens, Shawl

  1. I LOOOOOVE your hat and mittens. This pattern is so pretty and if I had the patience i’d knit them too. I’ve had them on my Favs list on Rav since the patterns came out. You did a beautiful job on them. ♥

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