Sunday Market

We were introduced to a new market by friends today, the Sunday Market at Westergasfabriek. Being cold and wet, I think we spent more time inside than out, though there were some beautiful things to see, and food to sample all over!


As you can see, the weather doesn’t put anyone off, they just rug up for it. It’s a very popular market. I think it doesn’t hurt that it’s only on once a month rather than every week like some other markets.


It’s a hand-made and crafters market, which reminded me a lot of the Bus Depot Market in Canberra. There were a fair few similar stalls!


It was also a wonderful place to begin the mammoth task of Giftmas shopping for 2012!


It doesn’t hurt to be prepared, just in case the world doesn’t come to an end.

Well hello again!

My name is George and it has been two weeks since my last post.

In the last two weeks *heads off to look at diary* Himself and I have up to all sorts of shenanigans! There was a cocktail party celebrating Chinese New Year, there were guests who we had the absolute pleasure of showing around some local markets, there has been more sampling of exquisite local fare, there was a surprise trip to Campbelltown, there was mitten knitting (my first colourwork!), lots of future event planning,, and the continuation of the exercise regime.

I have been slack. Only one of these things has produced photos.

Look at my beautiful almost a mitten! *has an immense proud*


The exercise regime has also resulted in shin splints. Incredibly, and sometimes debilitatingly, painful. I missed my opportunity this morning to grab you all a photo with me at the physio with acupuncture needles sticking out of my shins. I’m sure you’re all devastated. I have been ordered to not run, or walk home again, until at least Monday and will be heading back to the physio on Friday for further rehabilitation. Yay! Fun times!

I have yarn on it’s way for me to be able to finally finish the knee high socks I began before Xmas. Due to my cashlessness, and an ordering snafu it’s taken a little while, but we appear to have gotten there in the end. So soon you shall have a fashion show starring these …


… but they’ll be finished. *grins*

Let’s all catch up again soon now, y’hear?!

All the fun of the fair!

I’m late to update. I told myself I’d try to get in a post a week about all we’ve been up to. But sometimes life takes over and this wee little blog is the one to suffer. But it’s a good post I have planned! I promise! (Well, I had fun!)

Himself and I ended up at the local street fair on the weekend. It was hard not to! You walked up the street and there it was! Living in Sydney’s Italian district does have advantages when things like this happen! The local colour is very colourful!



They closed off the main street, and it was just packed with people.



Not to mention mascots!



I managed to catch up on a new street art installation


Street Art

And the Fiats were out in FORCE! (Well, the Fiat Car club had a carpark reserved for them to show off in!)


Classic Car


Classic Car

But what would an Italian festival be without food? So much food! (I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of our pizzas, but we ate them before I remembered to document.)



They managed to pack so much in! Even when they ran out of street they over ran into the local park for rides



And a petting farm


Wee Piggies



Fluffy Chicken

And performances in Venetian masks! (you can just make out the live chess board pieces in the back ground)


Carnival Mask

So much fun for all ages. I can’t wait for next year now! *grin bounce*



Then there was fish

Himself and I hosted a small soiree of familial proportions recently. We were aiming for relaxed gathering that was a little different to what we normally do. I think we achieved our goal admirably!

We began by heading down the road to the Sydney Fish Markets, where, as the name suggests, you can buy fish.


Fish Markets - Fish
Fish Markets – Fish

Did I mention fish?


Fish Markets - Fillets
Fish Markets – Fillets

And marine life?


Fish Markets- Oysters
Fish Markets- Oysters

And fillets! (of fish)


Fish Markets- Fillets
Fish Markets- Fillets

And marine life!


Fish Markets - Prawns
Fish Markets – Prawns

But there’s so much more to the Fish Markets! On any visit you can buy everything you need for a large party, or small gathering. From the wine,


Fish Markets - Wine Shop
Fish Markets – Wine Shop

To the deli selection of cheeses, cured meats, and sauces.


Fish Markets- Deli
Fish Markets- Deli

If you’re inclined towards a romantic encounter, you can also purchase a good start on the way to any woman’s heart; flowers


Fish Markets - Flower Shop
Fish Markets – Flower Shop

Followed by a mountain of chocolate!


Fish Markets- Deli Chocolate
Fish Markets- Deli Chocolate

The Rocks – Again

I’ve been going over and over the rest of the photos from the wee excursion to the Rocks from the past weekend, and it seems a terrible shame to me that so many of them are left unseen. So here’s just a sampler of some of my favourites!

I apologise in advance for WordPress cutting off the right edge of my landscape photos, I’m still making tweaks to this page, and trying to sort out some of the intricacies!

The Welcome Wagon!


A taste of the newer architecture in the area.


And some of the older features.


I love the market canopy. It feels so permanent, so stable, and holds so much under it’s sails. Yet, during the week it doesn’t exist and cars drive along this road!


I adored this back pack, seen on a passing market go-er. I should have stopped her and asked her where she acquired it!


These exquisite heels were in a local art gallery just down the street. Aren’t they just spectacular?!?


The horse drawn carriage is there to remind people of a bygone era. Something a little older, a little slower paced, and the rides are remarkably reasonably priced!


As our final stop before we headed for Circular Quay, we dropped into one of the most magical places in Sydney. The Puppet Shop. I didn’t get any photos of inside, you aren’t allowed. But walking off the street, and down the rickety old stair case (which you know is original) is like entering another world. It brings a joy to my heart and peace to my being.


And the sign over the counter announced that it’s for sale …