You know it’s finally here when Daylight Savings ends. What didn’t occur to me (for some bizarre reason) is that this means I now walk home in the dark. For the last 2 nights, this also included rain.

It hasn’t been too bad. It just means that I get home and melt into a warm shower. Though, as I said to Himself, that only stops me being cold. I’m still wet! 😛

Over the weekend we celebrated my Dad’s birthday (*waves at Dad*). Our meagre contribution to the feast was to provide Snickerdoodles. For those that have been hanging around this wee blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve made these before to great success, and therefore the recipe I’m following is indeed foolproof!




Here are the beautifully cooked, golden biscuits as they cooled from the oven!


So much fun! I do love making a mess in the kitchen!

On the knitting front, I’m at the toe of both my retina searing socks, so once I’ve finished them I’ll model a few shots for you to wonder at their magnificence. You may wish to have some form of eye bandage handy at the time 😉

Until next time!


In order to achieve more I have decided to get up earlier. This worked well yesterday morning. Today was not as successful, but I didn’t need to run this morning for my daily exercise, as I shall be walking home tonight.

I feel like my exercise regime has fallen off the rails a little what with the enforced rest from shin splints, but I’m looking into getting a bicycle so I’ll have a no impact workout when/if I need it in future.

I’ve been knitting up a storm for the past 2 weekends, making myself a fichu from this pattern to use as a scarf for this winter.

I’m using Lorna’s Laces Helen’s Lace in the Humboldt colourway.


This is what winding over a kilometer of yarn into a yarn cake looks like!


I have finished the body of the piece, and am about to begin knitting on the boarder.


Wish me luck!

Well hello again!

My name is George and it has been two weeks since my last post.

In the last two weeks *heads off to look at diary* Himself and I have up to all sorts of shenanigans! There was a cocktail party celebrating Chinese New Year, there were guests who we had the absolute pleasure of showing around some local markets, there has been more sampling of exquisite local fare, there was a surprise trip to Campbelltown, there was mitten knitting (my first colourwork!), lots of future event planning,, and the continuation of the exercise regime.

I have been slack. Only one of these things has produced photos.

Look at my beautiful almost a mitten! *has an immense proud*


The exercise regime has also resulted in shin splints. Incredibly, and sometimes debilitatingly, painful. I missed my opportunity this morning to grab you all a photo with me at the physio with acupuncture needles sticking out of my shins. I’m sure you’re all devastated. I have been ordered to not run, or walk home again, until at least Monday and will be heading back to the physio on Friday for further rehabilitation. Yay! Fun times!

I have yarn on it’s way for me to be able to finally finish the knee high socks I began before Xmas. Due to my cashlessness, and an ordering snafu it’s taken a little while, but we appear to have gotten there in the end. So soon you shall have a fashion show starring these …


… but they’ll be finished. *grins*

Let’s all catch up again soon now, y’hear?!

An exciting life

So much has been going on in our happy little household over the past week!

I’ll begin by letting you know that the Raffle has been extended at the request of Toni the organiser in order to let anyone who missed out on the Auction bidding to still have a chance on some of the Raffles. So the Raffle has been extended to midday Wednesday!


A little closer to home the routine for the year has been settling in, and I now walk home from work 3 nights a week, and go running 3 mornings a week. On the day off we head to Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym.


The most uncomfortable shoes I own …

We also managed a trip to the Art Gallery on Wednesday, thanks to their amazing Art After Hours program. It’s such a calming and inspirational place.


Often a little random too!

I have been knitting up a storm and finishing off some hats to match gloves that I made in previous years.


Nothing I can wear yet in the heat, but fun little projects none the less.


I hope your weeks are being productive and inspiring!

Off to a roaring start!

It’s a new year, it’s a fresh start, and as I do most years about this time, I’m culling all the clutter in the house (Himself and I may, or may not have hoarding tendencies). With the pulling down and storing of the xmas tree for the next 11 months, I have played some furniture tetris, and rearranged the living room to give us more space. The Studio is next! (Vinnies usually do quite well out of this process)

I hope everyone’s New Year celebrations were wonderful and you’ve begun the new year with a sense of purpose and determination! *grins* Our celebrations included Raspberry and Vodka martinis!

So far this year I find myself on a health kick, and I’ve lost 6 kilos since the beginning of December! Who loses weight over the holidays?!? Who though that having an iphone would help me lose weight?

I have put myself back in school and am studying for the first time in years! This could be interesting, as being a student was never my strong point; much as I love learning. First assignment is due, and I have to keep on track!

There is a new day job which is wonderful in it’s ability to pay me. Not to mention filling my afternoons, leaving my mornings free for study.

But I won’t be abandoning you little blog and my three faithful readers! I’ll still be able to regale you with all the crafty things I’m up to, and hopefully a little more information about what’s in store for the shop in the coming year!

And so this post isn’t completely dry, here’s a local hibiscus I spotted while getting fit


And these are the socks I’m working on.


Eye bleeding! Aren’t they?! *grins*