Of stuff, and things

Of achievements; there have been many of them! I made it into town and went nuts on a shopping spree, stocking up on everything I had been lacking or that was running out. Mostly make up and stockings and things needed for work. All of which are expensive. 😦

Of holidays; ours are coming up and I bought a selection of Penguin Classics to take with me for reading material. For interested parties, the selection includes Cold Comfort Farm, The Witches of Eastwick, a Clockwork Orange, and Slaughterhouse Five. Read into that what you will. So to speak.

I intend on doing very little other than relaxing on this holiday. Possibly some knitting and brushing up on my water colour skills (see whut I did thar?).

Of local vegetation; I find it interesting that none of the magnolia trees around the Ranch have blossomed yet. Walk five blocks in that direction though *points*, and not only have they all blossomed (and I missed photographing them), but all the blossoms were damaged or destroyed in the heavy rains we had here last week. *has a sad*

Of the Day Job; I’m having some fun where I am placed at the moment. They seem to really like me and keep extending my placement! I have been updating their filing systems (filing documentation that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2008) and helping them organise some large scale events. It also helps that it’s been closer to home than the CBD and yet not in the CBD, so I’ve been saving money. Which I spent. See above.

Of organisation; I did something I’ve been threatening to do for a while now and as part of the general house clean up we made an excursion over to Howards Storage World. Oh boy do I have serious nesting instincts. I also want to organise ALL THE THINGS! Maybe one day …

Of anything else; here. Have a cat picture. The internet needs more of them.


Weekend walks

The Day Job has done it again and I’ve been run off my feet trying to get everything that I need to get done fit in to each day!

On the weekend when I called a halt to everything going on, we walked in a new direction. Have some pictures of the beautiful area in which we live!





If anymore evidence was needed that we celebrate Yule at the wrong end of the year; the poinsettias were in bloom in profusion!


Happy July!

Off to a roaring start!

It’s a new year, it’s a fresh start, and as I do most years about this time, I’m culling all the clutter in the house (Himself and I may, or may not have hoarding tendencies). With the pulling down and storing of the xmas tree for the next 11 months, I have played some furniture tetris, and rearranged the living room to give us more space. The Studio is next! (Vinnies usually do quite well out of this process)

I hope everyone’s New Year celebrations were wonderful and you’ve begun the new year with a sense of purpose and determination! *grins* Our celebrations included Raspberry and Vodka martinis!

So far this year I find myself on a health kick, and I’ve lost 6 kilos since the beginning of December! Who loses weight over the holidays?!? Who though that having an iphone would help me lose weight?

I have put myself back in school and am studying for the first time in years! This could be interesting, as being a student was never my strong point; much as I love learning. First assignment is due, and I have to keep on track!

There is a new day job which is wonderful in it’s ability to pay me. Not to mention filling my afternoons, leaving my mornings free for study.

But I won’t be abandoning you little blog and my three faithful readers! I’ll still be able to regale you with all the crafty things I’m up to, and hopefully a little more information about what’s in store for the shop in the coming year!

And so this post isn’t completely dry, here’s a local hibiscus I spotted while getting fit


And these are the socks I’m working on.


Eye bleeding! Aren’t they?! *grins*