Off to a roaring start!

It’s a new year, it’s a fresh start, and as I do most years about this time, I’m culling all the clutter in the house (Himself and I may, or may not have hoarding tendencies). With the pulling down and storing of the xmas tree for the next 11 months, I have played some furniture tetris, and rearranged the living room to give us more space. The Studio is next! (Vinnies usually do quite well out of this process)

I hope everyone’s New Year celebrations were wonderful and you’ve begun the new year with a sense of purpose and determination! *grins* Our celebrations included Raspberry and Vodka martinis!

So far this year I find myself on a health kick, and I’ve lost 6 kilos since the beginning of December! Who loses weight over the holidays?!? Who though that having an iphone would help me lose weight?

I have put myself back in school and am studying for the first time in years! This could be interesting, as being a student was never my strong point; much as I love learning. First assignment is due, and I have to keep on track!

There is a new day job which is wonderful in it’s ability to pay me. Not to mention filling my afternoons, leaving my mornings free for study.

But I won’t be abandoning you little blog and my three faithful readers! I’ll still be able to regale you with all the crafty things I’m up to, and hopefully a little more information about what’s in store for the shop in the coming year!

And so this post isn’t completely dry, here’s a local hibiscus I spotted while getting fit


And these are the socks I’m working on.


Eye bleeding! Aren’t they?! *grins*

3 thoughts on “Off to a roaring start!

  1. Only YOU could lose weight over the xmas holidays! Wow! That’s funny but great!

    Are those kai-mei’s by CookieA (or however you spell them!) The yarn is soooo bright! Can’t wait to see them done.

    Happiest new year wishes to you and yours, my dear! *mwwwaaah!*

  2. congrats on the weight loss! that’s amazing. Wish I could say I had managed the same. I haven’t looked at the scale yet because I’m afraid to.

    That yarn colourway is terrific! Orange wheeeeeeeee!

  3. i too am on a health kick, although as i loathe scales cannot regale you with the loss of my excess, but a friend did comment that she thought that i had lost weight!!

    be well hugs to him as well of course, and i would not of ever branded you a hoarder, more a collector of whimsical attractions?!

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