How times change

Last night was the second time in as many months that I have been on the commute to/from the day job, checking my Twitter feed when I have found out about a major earthquake in a place of the world where I have family.

Just like the last time, everyone we know and love has been declared safe.

Donations can be made to your local Red Cross –


For those of you asking, and those of you unaware; all of Himself’s family (and a good number of our friends) are in Christchurch.

We have been extremely lucky in that everyone we contacted has been ok. Via SMS and facebook everyone has checked in and if needed moved to safer accommodation.

We know of a couple of homes in the path of the quake, at least one needs to be demolished, and one foundation is cracked.

The safer accommodation where most of our loved ones are, had power restored last night.

All in all we got off lightly.

For the most up to date information I am following the live feeds on and .

If you feel moved to donate there have already been a number of scams identified, so please be aware, and only donate via reputable sources like the Red Cross. In Australia go here – Red Cross

Thank you all for your concern.

And the Winner is …

*drum roll*


Come on down! 😀

I’ll be sending you an email shortly in order to get your address, and these cute wee Monsters will be winging there way towards you and your family!


I’d like to thank everyone for participating, not just in my raffle, but in all the Auctions and Raffles that went on all over crafty blog land in the last couple of weeks to raise money for the flood victims. It really helps restore ones faith in humanity.

There are good people out there.

*loves you all*

An exciting life

So much has been going on in our happy little household over the past week!

I’ll begin by letting you know that the Raffle has been extended at the request of Toni the organiser in order to let anyone who missed out on the Auction bidding to still have a chance on some of the Raffles. So the Raffle has been extended to midday Wednesday!


A little closer to home the routine for the year has been settling in, and I now walk home from work 3 nights a week, and go running 3 mornings a week. On the day off we head to Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym.


The most uncomfortable shoes I own …

We also managed a trip to the Art Gallery on Wednesday, thanks to their amazing Art After Hours program. It’s such a calming and inspirational place.


Often a little random too!

I have been knitting up a storm and finishing off some hats to match gloves that I made in previous years.


Nothing I can wear yet in the heat, but fun little projects none the less.


I hope your weeks are being productive and inspiring!

Running out of time!

The Raffle to raise money for the QLD flood relief is still going but ends Monday, 24th, at 9am. If you have yet to enter just head to this post and follow the directions. The clean up efforts are just monumental, and every little bit helps.

Don’t forget if my wee Monsters aren’t to your liking there are many other crafty blogs involved who are making all different kinds of things to help with the Relief effort.


So far the combined efforts of all the blogs has raised over $45,000! Go Team Crafty Blogs! 😀