For those of you asking, and those of you unaware; all of Himself’s family (and a good number of our friends) are in Christchurch.

We have been extremely lucky in that everyone we contacted has been ok. Via SMS and facebook everyone has checked in and if needed moved to safer accommodation.

We know of a couple of homes in the path of the quake, at least one needs to be demolished, and one foundation is cracked.

The safer accommodation where most of our loved ones are, had power restored last night.

All in all we got off lightly.

For the most up to date information I am following the live feeds on and .

If you feel moved to donate there have already been a number of scams identified, so please be aware, and only donate via reputable sources like the Red Cross. In Australia go here – Red Cross

Thank you all for your concern.

2 thoughts on “Christchurch

    1. Yeah 😦
      It was a rough few hours waiting for reply SMSs; knowing that even if they were ok, the phone systems wouldn’t be, and what there was would be overloaded with everyone else 😦

      But they aer as safe as can be hoped for 🙂 Thank you for caring 🙂

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