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It has been brought to my attention that though most of my social media interaction has moved to Instagram and Twitter, and then re-posted on Facebook, there are some wonderful people out there who only read and therefore miss these blog updates. So let me catch you up a bit!

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There are so many things to love about Christchurch. So many things that go beyond the family and friends that we have there. The resilience of the community shows itself in the tenacious way they have clung to each other and their city through the earthquakes that have wracked them.

 photo IMG_3785_zpsnh5ybsgo.jpg

It is amazing to see the centre of town being rebuilt using shipping containers. Shipping containers as shops, shipping containers as banks, shipping containers as a mall … Would you like to know more?


I’m in the middle of this project, and I was running out of one of the yarns I needed to finish the project. So, at the beginning of an exciting week, I headed out on the train for a day trip to Enkhuizen.

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Enkhuizen is a beautiful and picturesque little town about an hour out of Amsterdam by train. Would you like to know more?

New Zealand – Christchurch

We’ve been on a trip! From where we are now, it was a long trip. It is quite the odd experience to sit on a plane and watch the days collapse into each other, as you sit there for a night, a day, another night, and most of the next day …

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Five security check in 36 hours. It was a little draining. We arrived to see the best the Christchurch could offer us! Would you like to know more?

Visitors to the Netherlands

We have spent the week playing host to some visitors from Tokyo. Our little household went from Himself, I, and our three fur-kids; to seven humans and three fur-kids! It has been an amazing week in which we learnt lots of things about getting up early and resolving neighbour disputes. It was an interesting week!

Himself and I spent Sunday cleaning up the house and making it respectable and presentable to guests. Then off I went on the bus to Schiphol to meet everyone and bring them home. Say hello! They are pleased to meet you.

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