New Zealand – Christchurch

We’ve been on a trip! From where we are now, it was a long trip. It is quite the odd experience to sit on a plane and watch the days collapse into each other, as you sit there for a night, a day, another night, and most of the next day …

 photo IMG_9558_zpsc3980cae.jpg

Five security check in 36 hours. It was a little draining. We arrived to see the best the Christchurch could offer us! Would you like to know more?

And the Winner is …

*drum roll*


Come on down! 😀

I’ll be sending you an email shortly in order to get your address, and these cute wee Monsters will be winging there way towards you and your family!


I’d like to thank everyone for participating, not just in my raffle, but in all the Auctions and Raffles that went on all over crafty blog land in the last couple of weeks to raise money for the flood victims. It really helps restore ones faith in humanity.

There are good people out there.

*loves you all*

Running out of time!

The Raffle to raise money for the QLD flood relief is still going but ends Monday, 24th, at 9am. If you have yet to enter just head to this post and follow the directions. The clean up efforts are just monumental, and every little bit helps.

Don’t forget if my wee Monsters aren’t to your liking there are many other crafty blogs involved who are making all different kinds of things to help with the Relief effort.


So far the combined efforts of all the blogs has raised over $45,000! Go Team Crafty Blogs! 😀


QLD Flood Relief

Something a little different in today’s post.


I am holding a raffle for my Monsters. You remember them …


They love you and want to live at your house! They also want to help people like this,



The rules are simple –

The Raffle starts now.

An entry in the raffle is going to cost you $5 paid directly to the Flood Relief Appeal. (If you can afford more than $5, please think about making a more significant donation.)

On that site you can make an online donation, and once you are done you will get a receipt number.

You then need to stop over here, and leave a comment with your receipt number and email address and you will be entered. It’s that simple.

The Raffle must end on Monday 24th at 9am.

At the close of the Raffle, I will contact the winner and the Monsters will be winging their way to one lucky person. I will cover postage anywhere in the world.

If my prize doesn’t interest you , there will be raffles, auctions and sales popping up all over blogland – Just pop on over to Make It Perfect blog on Friday when the master list will be up.

Please help. Please spread the word.