An exciting life

So much has been going on in our happy little household over the past week!

I’ll begin by letting you know that the Raffle has been extended at the request of Toni the organiser in order to let anyone who missed out on the Auction bidding to still have a chance on some of the Raffles. So the Raffle has been extended to midday Wednesday!


A little closer to home the routine for the year has been settling in, and I now walk home from work 3 nights a week, and go running 3 mornings a week. On the day off we head to Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym.


The most uncomfortable shoes I own …

We also managed a trip to the Art Gallery on Wednesday, thanks to their amazing Art After Hours program. It’s such a calming and inspirational place.


Often a little random too!

I have been knitting up a storm and finishing off some hats to match gloves that I made in previous years.


Nothing I can wear yet in the heat, but fun little projects none the less.


I hope your weeks are being productive and inspiring!

5 thoughts on “An exciting life

  1. Hey dear,

    I’m looking for the picture of you halfway up or at the top of the wall and I can’t seem to find it – what gives

  2. Do they let you do wall climbing barefoot? aside from possible sweaty-feet and the ew-gross bit about other people’s sweaty-feet, it seems that it might be easier to try it that way. I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who has never climbed an indoor climbing wall, though, so I could be really misunderstanding the way things work 🙂

    From this angle, it looks like the cherup is trying to put something on his head… 🙂

    nice going on the hats! did you get the pattern from Interweave in the end or choose a different one?

    1. I don’t think barefoot is allowed, but plenty of people just climb in sneakers/joggers/running shoes 🙂 I did too initially.

      Silly cherub with the cute bat wings has half a clam on him head! He always makes me giggle 🙂

      I ended up making up that pattern entirely in my head :has a proud:

  3. A clam on his head? That makes me think of the Grover “Old Spice” cover video. Except that in Grover’s case, the clam is on his nose. But anyway…. 🙂

    The pattern rocks! I hope you’ll transcribe it for future reference 🙂

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