Rottnest and the Quokkas

When I were a wee lass… just a few short years ago… I had a friend named Weapon, who told me stories of the Quokkas on Rottnest Island. I wasn’t going to be in his home town, and not go and see the quokkas. Poor Himself didn’t have a chance.

 photo IMG_5099_zps8rxpgxas.jpg

Other than wanting to go, this side excursion was mostly unplanned. So it was off to the concierge asking him to wield his magic for us! (I love a good concierge! They can do anything!) Would you like to know more?

Into the Woods

I have come to realise that I am now one of those people who talks about the weather incessantly. I’m sorry. However when the good days seem few and far between, you tend to celebrate when it’s good! And the weather has been just spectacular! So we did like Netherlanders and got on our bikes and headed out to the local woods.

 photo IMG_1809_zps386c2383.jpg

There we found a likely patch of grass next to a canal (of course!), and watched the passing traffic. Would you like to know more?

Picnic Time

Summer had a bit of a reprise last week, and so, after a series of events which had left us with a single bicycle for a while, and then suddenly being a two bicycle home again, we decided to head out on what might well be a final picnic of the season.

 photo IMG_4992_zps2ce5f7ce.jpg

We made out way down to Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Woods), because when you live as close to Vondel Park as we (and the rest of Amsterdam) does, sometimes you want somewhere a bit quieter. Would you like to know more?

Fiets Shopping

We had a quiet one this weekend. I don’t think either of us felt like going out much given that we’d had such a big day on Tuesday. Tuesday also really shook up our routine for the week and I’m not sure we ever really got our groove back.

We’ve found it interesting that when we got here we were told (and witnessed) that if there was any sun whatsoever the Cloggies would be out in it, and soaking it up. In our innocence we condescendingly thought “Hehe, how cute of them! Those zany Cloggies!” Now that we’ve survived our first Winter, we get it. And we join them!

The days have been getting longer and warmer, and we have gotten into the habit of sitting on out balcony in the afternoons. With the doors thrown open, and fresh air wafting on warm, gentle, breezes through the house, with novels, text books, or knitting in hand, we sit in the sunshine and soak up the much needed (and missed) Vitamin D.

What we did do this weekend, was something that we’d been planning since September. We got me my very own bicycle! It’s a long story, but the other bike we had ended up being adopted by Himself, and I hadn’t felt the lack of one until the weather warmed.

So with a mission in mind, we gathered up our wits and spare cash and stormed off into destiny!!! *cough* I mean, bought me a very serviceable second-hand bike.

 photo IMG_3429_zps5adc5f1f.jpg

Would you like to know more?

Autumn is here!

The days have been getting shorter and colder, with the average weekly temperature being about 14C.


The leaves have begun to change colour, and the rain is becoming more frequent.


This is the perfect weather to curl up and knit on the couch with the heating on, and snoring kittens snuggled into your lap.


Therefore I have done the sensible thing and begun running again. I have to run off all that warm winter food before I eat it! Then I’ll be ahead of the curve for next Summer! Go ME!