Picnic Time

Summer had a bit of a reprise last week, and so, after a series of events which had left us with a single bicycle for a while, and then suddenly being a two bicycle home again, we decided to head out on what might well be a final picnic of the season.

 photo IMG_4992_zps2ce5f7ce.jpg

We made out way down to Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Woods), because when you live as close to Vondel Park as we (and the rest of Amsterdam) does, sometimes you want somewhere a bit quieter.

 photo IMG_5019_zps98f1830e.jpg

So we packed ourselves and the rest of the duck carcass up, and headed off to the woods for a day with some space. Amsterdam is a really dense place, so it’s nice to find some space.

 photo IMG_5003_zpsd8fc603c.jpg

I think the trees were trying to tell me that Summer is coming to an end.

But the kids playing on the lake weren’t!

 photo IMG_4996_zpsb4cdd98c.jpg

We had some duck.

 photo IMG_4997_zpsbd5b7c24.jpg

Then Himself showed our choice in food to the local residents.

 photo IMG_4998_zps74dd42d8.jpg

They went away after that, and we could only hear them as we finished off what was left of the bones.

 photo IMG_4999_zps8b0beac7.jpg

When it began raining, we decided that we should probably get back on the bikes. But rather than going out of the woods, we went deeper in to the quiet sanctuary of the trees. Where there were more ducks …

 photo IMG_5014_zps81d03742.jpg

Though as the rain lifted (lovely weather for ducks), it also got cold and we decided to make a break for home.

On the way, there may have been this tram, which I may have resolved to ride on soon.

 photo IMG_5021_zps9a991f6f.jpg

And we may have discovered my new favourite café/restaurant de verandah, where I am determined to spend several contented and leisurely hours absorbing the atmosphere.

 photo IMG_5022_zps03d0f140.jpg

So, where have you been recently?

4 thoughts on “Picnic Time

  1. Looks like a lovely afternoon! The pictures of the duck-carcass being introduced to the ducks made us giggle 🙂 We’ve been having less exciting, or at least less photographically interesting, adventures — Ikea, yardwork, groceries — but having a good time nonetheless 🙂 *huge hugs*

    1. It was wonderful! And I finally got out for a long(ish) bike ride! I’ve been really slack in actually riding my bike places, so it was nice to get used to the roads on such a calm journey. Tell you what though, I need to ride a LOT more to get my knees up to scratch! 😉

  2. What a lovely day you both had but fancy eating your duck in front of ducks – I wonder what they were thinking

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