Into the Woods

I have come to realise that I am now one of those people who talks about the weather incessantly. I’m sorry. However when the good days seem few and far between, you tend to celebrate when it’s good! And the weather has been just spectacular! So we did like Netherlanders and got on our bikes and headed out to the local woods.

 photo IMG_1809_zps386c2383.jpg

There we found a likely patch of grass next to a canal (of course!), and watched the passing traffic.

 photo IMG_1819_zps066beeaf.jpg

It was such a picturesque spot that we ended up camping out there for quite some time. The 2 other families we were sharing the space with ended up leaving. We just continued soaking up the much needed vitamin D.

 photo IMG_1816_zps5005a859.jpg

But even if we had the patch of gross to ourselves eventually, we certainly weren’t alone in reveling in the bright, drenching sunshine.

 photo IMG_1821_zps4cae308c.jpg

As it turned out, the spot we chose to plant ourselves was one of the least populated in the woods! As we rode in and out, everywhere else was teeming with families!

There are of course other things to love about spring too …

 photo IMG_1825_zpsf2573a72.jpg

We spent more time than I care to admit watching this mother duck shepherd her babies around the lily pads. At least one of them was tired and determined that he should be able to sit in the middle of one of the lily pads if he wanted to. Of course, they kept sinking when he sat on them!

As we left the Bos (woods) we decided to make up for our lack of household coffee from earlier in the morning by having an espresso on the way home in this delightful cafe. It is really one of the most pleasant spots in Amsterdam, where you can sit and watch the antique trams going past.

 photo IMG_1828_zpsb712f5fa.jpg

Given how infrequently I get on my fiets (bicycle) I was hoping the added stamina from the espresso would assist me in getting home!

 photo IMG_1826_zps01f313b4.jpg

It was helpful for stamina!

What it didn’t help with was the altercation I had with the pedestrian on the bike path. Yes, I have run over my first (oblivious) pedestrian. At least he realised it was his own fault (he was Dutch). Damn it gave me the shakes though!

Am I a real Amsterdammer now?

6 thoughts on “Into the Woods

  1. It looks beautiful! And what a wonderful spot. I think I would have spent much time watching the duckling’s antics, too (not sure you can say you spent too much time — you were outdoors, enjoying the scenery, and watching the world go by! Sounds perfect!)

    Scary encounter with a pedestrian, though! I think having the shakes after that makes a lot of sense.

    1. Oh Mouse! It was such a beautiful day! 😀 So much warmth and sunshine! (and ducklings!) 😀

      Thank goodness the pedestrian encounter was within 100 meters of home! *shudders* Oh well. At least I’ve done it now. I mean, it was going to happen, and I got it over with.

  2. Hahaha, this is a good first pedestrian encounter! But I don’t think you’re a fullblown Amsterdammer until it’s a tourist and you scream back at it to “WATCH IT YOU IDIOT” ;D

    1. Yeah, being me, I’m not sure my first response should have been to apologise! It’s like admitting fault!

      Stupid prat! He only checked for bikes from one direction, and then crossed only half way as his way was blocked by his mate, and the footpath full of bikes. And of course I took the same break in traffic to turn left into it. *shakes head* It’s one of the busiest bike intersections around here!

      You’re right though, my first response should have been to swear. I need to learn the correct Nederlands phrasing though … 😉 I don’t think swearing in English helps you. Then you’re automatically a tourist and in the wrong!

  3. My dear it sounds like you are really immersing yourself in the local culture. It sounds lovely. I am going to be one of the annoying tourists in a few months, sadly not reaching Amsterdam this time, but at least on the same continent. 🙂

    1. Immersion really is the only way to live 😉
      Really? Let me guess … Greece? 😉 It would be amazing to catch up! But perhaps not this time 😦 I missed you in Sydney *hugs*

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