Random Points on a Monday

None of these things make for a very exciting blog post on their own, and none of them are significant enough to fill an entire post on their own. So here I find myself writing down some dot points for you that cover the last week of our lives.

• We’ve been shopping for a new fridge. The one we’ve been using since moving in came with the house from the previous owner (there’s a longer story in that, perhaps I’ll tell it another day). It makes funny noises, and the previous owners very young sons may have snapped parts of the plastic drawers and shelves to smithereens. It leaks profusely, and makes scary noises, so we’re finally on the look out for a new one.

• We’ve been fulfilling some long held dreams of ours here in our cozy little home. Himself recently acquired a new turn-table, and the living room was promptly inhabited by vinyl. I have acquired a sewing machine and immediately went fabric shopping, then made myself a new project bag in which to take my projects to knit night. The study isn’t completely inhabited by fabric off-cuts, yet.

• Eurovision has come and gone for another year. It was Himself’s first experience with the spectacle; he has previously avoided it. I must admit, last year was my first year to watch the final all the way through, and this year I watched the heats as well. Well, the first one (more on the next point). As always it is an amazing show that really gets the blood pumping! In the first heat, the Netherlands made it to the finals. In the second heat Australia performed (but didn’t compete). The finals were won by Austria in an amazing sweep of the board! As she so eloquently said in her acceptance speech “This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are. We are unity. And we are unstoppable.” (Netherlands came second! WOOHOO!)

• We did however miss most of the second heat, but we had a very good reason! Himself’s boss’ boss was in town and was generous enough to take us all out to dinner! There was The Boss and his partner, Himself and I, and Himself’s Colleague and his wife. It was quite relaxed and genial all things considered. And we were truly spoilt on the choice of restaurant; we were taken to Screaming Beans again!

• The weather has been so lovely and mild that I splurged and bought myself a new pair of ballet flats and a gorgeous pair of neat little sandals for wearing this Summer. Last years were worn into the ground and are now in pieces! Of course, this purchase precipitated the weather turning on me and we’ve been averaging 13C and rain with high winds. Go Holland!

• As a final point in today’s little ramble I would like to wish our mothers, and all the mothers out there reading this, a Happy Mother’s Day for yesterday. It was good to speak with you and know that our gifts were well received.

On that point, it’s time to begin another week, so I shall leave you with this …

 photo IMG_1300_zps24e034d0.jpg

Tot de volgende keer! (See you next time!)

2 thoughts on “Random Points on a Monday

  1. While they may not make for substantial independent posts, it’s nice to hear what you’ve been up to lately! Good luck refrigerator shopping!!

    Happy Mother’s Day all around! Did the cats do anything special to help you celebrate?

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