Autumn is here!

The days have been getting shorter and colder, with the average weekly temperature being about 14C.


The leaves have begun to change colour, and the rain is becoming more frequent.


This is the perfect weather to curl up and knit on the couch with the heating on, and snoring kittens snuggled into your lap.


Therefore I have done the sensible thing and begun running again. I have to run off all that warm winter food before I eat it! Then I’ll be ahead of the curve for next Summer! Go ME!

2 thoughts on “Autumn is here!

  1. yay for you indeed,
    stay ahead of the curve, no pun intended of course.
    we have started our own health kick, with all the family making juices for themselves every morning,Marcus had a celery, carrot, pear and orange juice this morning, he never liked it when i mixed it up for him, love it when the kids take charge and dish themselves up a health kick

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