A town no longer my own

It is strange going back to Sydney now. It was once a huge part of me… But that Sydney has moved on without me, and it is no longer the city that I knew or was a part of. When I walk around now, I am a tourist. But I try my best to not be *that* kind of tourist!

 photo IMG_4240_zpsnpqkrpfj.jpg

I look back over the photos I’ve taken on this trip, and I realise that the pictures I take in Sydney are the equivalent of the photos I took five years ago when I got to Amsterdam. Would you like to know more?

Christmas Market Season

Giftsmas Market Season has commenced and Himself and I took ourselves off to our first-for-the-season at the Westergasfabriek over the weekend. It was filled with some of the most amazing hand-made products and art!

 photo IMG_6051_zps7ade9058.jpg

I love this stuffed toy stall, she makes the most wonderful flamingos! Beautiful stuffies are quite popular though, and there were more to be found just a few stalls away, both for sale, and as make-your-own project packs for a very good price! Would you like to know more?

What a glorious day …

… for a walk! out in the crisp cool Autumnal air.

 photo IMG_7762_zps68388fce.jpg

The weather today has been just spectacular. Perfect for walking and enjoying the sunshine. Warm enough that when walking I had to take my jacket off to cool down! Then of course it rained on me and I put it back on to keep me dry. Would you like to know more?

Tuincentrum, Spring, Easter

Since moving to the Netherlands I have wanted to buy some plants. First we were renting and had nowhere to put plants, then by the time we moved into a more stable living environment we were spending our money on setting up our new home. Then it was the depths of Winter and I didn’t think any plants I wanted on the balcony would survive the snow and frost, so I continued to wait. Biding my time until I could … spring … into action.

Well it’s Spring now, and the call of blooms was just getting too much to cope with! The trees are just waiting to explode with leaves! I think they are just waiting for the snow to finally give up and stop falling!

 photo IMG_2814_zps264c1129.jpg

I had been told about a garden centre in a nearby suburb, and when on the tram the other day had even spied it out of the window. So off we went to explore! Would you like to know more?

Vondel Park

Vondel Park has been dressed in it’s best for Autumn. It is the perfect time of year to rug up, pick up a camera, and head outside!

The first thing we spied were some of last seasons birds nests. Empty now of course. I wonder if they’ll get re-used next year?


There is still sunlight ti be found. So long as you’re patient about waiting for it!


This couple and thier dog made a picture perfect moment while feeding the ducks.


Only, it became evident mere seconds after this photo was taken that the dog wasn’t theirs. It’s owner came up on a bicycle, lead in hand trying to capture the wayward beast, who it turned out was after the bread being fed to the ducks!

So many beautiful houses surround the park.


I was thoroughly excited to finally find a tree that was changing colours through reds and purples. Leaves here (so far) seem to predominantly go to yellow, then brown.


Another beautiful street full of houses.


One final tree in all it’s Autumn glory.


How are you enjoying, or celebrating your season’s changing?