Vondel Park

Vondel Park has been dressed in it’s best for Autumn. It is the perfect time of year to rug up, pick up a camera, and head outside!

The first thing we spied were some of last seasons birds nests. Empty now of course. I wonder if they’ll get re-used next year?


There is still sunlight ti be found. So long as you’re patient about waiting for it!


This couple and thier dog made a picture perfect moment while feeding the ducks.


Only, it became evident mere seconds after this photo was taken that the dog wasn’t theirs. It’s owner came up on a bicycle, lead in hand trying to capture the wayward beast, who it turned out was after the bread being fed to the ducks!

So many beautiful houses surround the park.


I was thoroughly excited to finally find a tree that was changing colours through reds and purples. Leaves here (so far) seem to predominantly go to yellow, then brown.


Another beautiful street full of houses.


One final tree in all it’s Autumn glory.


How are you enjoying, or celebrating your season’s changing?

2 thoughts on “Vondel Park

  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing! Leaves here are changing colour and dropping off at an impressive rate, but I’ve not yet been able to capture them properly (in no part due to the sub zero temperatures we had last weekend and the fiesty bitterly cold wind that came in). Hopefully this weekend. πŸ™‚ Or maybe I’ll just bookmark this post and come back and enjoy these photos instead of trying awkwardly to capture my own πŸ™‚

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