Tuincentrum, Spring, Easter

Since moving to the Netherlands I have wanted to buy some plants. First we were renting and had nowhere to put plants, then by the time we moved into a more stable living environment we were spending our money on setting up our new home. Then it was the depths of Winter and I didn’t think any plants I wanted on the balcony would survive the snow and frost, so I continued to wait. Biding my time until I could … spring … into action.

Well it’s Spring now, and the call of blooms was just getting too much to cope with! The trees are just waiting to explode with leaves! I think they are just waiting for the snow to finally give up and stop falling!

 photo IMG_2814_zps264c1129.jpg

I had been told about a garden centre in a nearby suburb, and when on the tram the other day had even spied it out of the window. So off we went to explore!

 photo IMG_2758_zps1eeec12d.jpg

The Tuincentrum (garden centre) is a massive great warehouse with everything you could possibly want for your garden space!

 photo IMG_2805_zps9c6fb035.jpg

There were trees both big,

 photo IMG_2777_zpsc3cdf61d.jpg

and small.

 photo IMG_2780_zpsc3fb6029.jpg

I can’t tell you how amused I was by the wattle trees in pots. First because I know how big they get. Second because the tag advised that it should be brought inside to “hibernate” each winter.

 photo IMG_2772_zps23dadcc5.jpg

There were so many flowers that I went into information overload trying to decide what I wanted to buy!

 photo IMG_2768_zps8fa2ef9b.jpg

As we continued walking and the store stretched out before us, we came upon the water feature and pond section. Himself and I have already decided on what kind of feature we’ll have when one day we have a garden.

 photo IMG_2800_zpse7161ef7.jpg

Though of course, with the ponds, come the fishies!

 photo IMG_2798_zps8a630591.jpg

So many fish! Of all different shapes and sizes and colours!!! I may have spent a fair amount of time talking with my friends.

By the time we finally exited (several hours later) we had a topiary, two hanging baskets, and two small hydrangeas. The balcony looks so much better now! And I have pots to put my plastic flamingos in! Now I just need to find a gnome I like …

Chocolate morning we woke up to discover that we’d been visited by the Easter Bunny.

 photo IMG_2833_zps832db4a9.jpg

We each got our own chocolate bunny, and a basket full of small eggs and coins for sharing, and (after nearly a year) my first ever bunch of tulips! And apparently he’s a patriotic bunny too, because they are orange tulips! I can’t wait for them to open!

It is a weekend for feeling the distance from my family though. Dad? I know I can’t be there to give you a hug, but know that I’m thinking of you, and we’re having a cupcake in honour of your birthday!

9 thoughts on “Tuincentrum, Spring, Easter

  1. Yeah I know what you mean about missing family and I’m here with them! Tearing up at the thought of leaving already!

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