Fiets Shopping

We had a quiet one this weekend. I don’t think either of us felt like going out much given that we’d had such a big day on Tuesday. Tuesday also really shook up our routine for the week and I’m not sure we ever really got our groove back.

We’ve found it interesting that when we got here we were told (and witnessed) that if there was any sun whatsoever the Cloggies would be out in it, and soaking it up. In our innocence we condescendingly thought “Hehe, how cute of them! Those zany Cloggies!” Now that we’ve survived our first Winter, we get it. And we join them!

The days have been getting longer and warmer, and we have gotten into the habit of sitting on out balcony in the afternoons. With the doors thrown open, and fresh air wafting on warm, gentle, breezes through the house, with novels, text books, or knitting in hand, we sit in the sunshine and soak up the much needed (and missed) Vitamin D.

What we did do this weekend, was something that we’d been planning since September. We got me my very own bicycle! It’s a long story, but the other bike we had ended up being adopted by Himself, and I hadn’t felt the lack of one until the weather warmed.

So with a mission in mind, we gathered up our wits and spare cash and stormed off into destiny!!! *cough* I mean, bought me a very serviceable second-hand bike.

 photo IMG_3429_zps5adc5f1f.jpg

I may have already gotten over (embarrassed myself with) the flowers on the handlebars and removed them. But I still have the turf on the back rack. I just need some panniers so I have carrying capacity, and nothing will stop me now!

 photo IMG_3430_zps82e405b1.jpg

Ok, so we’re going to do things a little differently today! I am running a competition on what I should name her! So what do you think? What does she look like? Traditionally I have named all transport of mine (and other people’s) with female names that start with an “M”. Names I have used previously (and are therefore unavailable for use with my new bike) are; Margaret, Mabel, Mavis, Minerva, and randomly, there was a Gertrude. So think… Maleficent, Murgatroyd, Myrtle … Thoughts?

Look out Amsterdam! I’m on my own wheels now!!!

6 thoughts on “Fiets Shopping

  1. Hey there – I nice Dutch “M” name, and one that almost rhymes… Maaike!

    She’s a beauty, and you will never want to give up the freedom and convenience of being able to jump on the bike and go. I have missed seeing you – I hope that the slight summer slow-down will give me a few more chances to get to de Jaren soon!

    1. Another good option! I got “Margriet” from Charlotte on Twitter 😉

      We’ll have to catch up at Penelope’s soon, the new language course starts next week and it’s on Monday’s. So I’ll be booked Monday nights for a few months. Of course, by then, you might be on Summer holidays!

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