Well hello again!

My name is George and it has been two weeks since my last post.

In the last two weeks *heads off to look at diary* Himself and I have up to all sorts of shenanigans! There was a cocktail party celebrating Chinese New Year, there were guests who we had the absolute pleasure of showing around some local markets, there has been more sampling of exquisite local fare, there was a surprise trip to Campbelltown, there was mitten knitting (my first colourwork!), lots of future event planning, bookdepository.co.uk, and the continuation of the exercise regime.

I have been slack. Only one of these things has produced photos.

Look at my beautiful almost a mitten! *has an immense proud*


The exercise regime has also resulted in shin splints. Incredibly, and sometimes debilitatingly, painful. I missed my opportunity this morning to grab you all a photo with me at the physio with acupuncture needles sticking out of my shins. I’m sure you’re all devastated. I have been ordered to not run, or walk home again, until at least Monday and will be heading back to the physio on Friday for further rehabilitation. Yay! Fun times!

I have yarn on it’s way for me to be able to finally finish the knee high socks I began before Xmas. Due to my cashlessness, and an ordering snafu it’s taken a little while, but we appear to have gotten there in the end. So soon you shall have a fashion show starring these …


… but they’ll be finished. *grins*

Let’s all catch up again soon now, y’hear?!

6 thoughts on “Well hello again!

  1. Can’t remember the last time I blogged anything substantive and very little I do generates anything photo worthy, so I’m hardly one to point fingers and shout, “For shame!!!” 🙂

    The mittens and socks look lovely!

    Sorry to hear about the shin splints. Unfortunately, I am subject to those as well and realize how excruciating they can be. I hope the pain has lessened and you’ll soon be able to walk without pain and maybe even run. Would be curious to know what your physio recommends — I’ve only ever treated the situation myself and it would be interesting to hear what advice an expert might give.


    1. I’m going to try and blog like I used to again. 🙂 It was fun 🙂


      Mostly she was impressed with what I have already done, and just recommended stretching, and the application of heat packs and anti-inflamatories.

  2. those socks are way crazy, they draw me to them, i need to touch them….ooh can others read my posts?


    miss you guys gotta catch up before fish b que!!

    1. I love them so much!!! And I’ll show you them when I come up! 😀 Or you come down!

      Yes, others can now read your comment *chuckles*

      And damn straight we have to catch up before then! … do you have any weekends free? *looks hopeful*

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