All the fun of the fair!

I’m late to update. I told myself I’d try to get in a post a week about all we’ve been up to. But sometimes life takes over and this wee little blog is the one to suffer. But it’s a good post I have planned! I promise! (Well, I had fun!)

Himself and I ended up at the local street fair on the weekend. It was hard not to! You walked up the street and there it was! Living in Sydney’s Italian district does have advantages when things like this happen! The local colour is very colourful!



They closed off the main street, and it was just packed with people.



Not to mention mascots!



I managed to catch up on a new street art installation


Street Art

And the Fiats were out in FORCE! (Well, the Fiat Car club had a carpark reserved for them to show off in!)


Classic Car


Classic Car

But what would an Italian festival be without food? So much food! (I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of our pizzas, but we ate them before I remembered to document.)



They managed to pack so much in! Even when they ran out of street they over ran into the local park for rides



And a petting farm


Wee Piggies



Fluffy Chicken

And performances in Venetian masks! (you can just make out the live chess board pieces in the back ground)


Carnival Mask

So much fun for all ages. I can’t wait for next year now! *grin bounce*



2 thoughts on “All the fun of the fair!

  1. The bit with the Fiats made me giggle because the guy a few parking spots over from us has a bright yellow sportscar that just so happens to be a Fiat. They’ve come a long way…

    The piglet picture is too cute. It will take me a while to recover from that, though the kind-of-creepy-but-cute chicken helped 🙂 Those birds always look so startled, like someone attached the headdress to them while they were sleeping and they woke up to find themselves with all this extra fluff. 🙂

    It looks like a lovely time. Did you just eat pizza or did you partake of any other exciting Italian specialities?

  2. Once we’d eaten pizza and had espressos we didn’t need any more food, but watching them make risotto, and pasta and everything else was wonderful! I would have bought corn on a sick if we had begun at the other end of the street 🙂

    The piglets were so cute!!! I go so many photos of them! 😀

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