An elegant tea

I was about to say that you have no idea how much fun I had setting this up; but those of you that know me will have a pretty good idea actually! (I marinated cucumber!!!)

Let’s see, it was; an excuse to show off all my pretty lacey things,


My beautiful china and furniture,


Then there was the food!


Everything seemed to go down really well, and everyone was very impressed! Now I can’t wait to do it all again!


3 thoughts on “An elegant tea

    1. And I went to Adriano Zumbo’s (sp?) for the macarons which no one ate!!!

      I was going to tell you how proud I was of my first ever bruschetta attempt. But it’s so easy to make, I don’t think it comes with bragging rights 😛

  1. no one ate the macarons??? that’s just plain wrong! but i can understand how they might have difficulty standing out in the company of so many other delicacies. 🙂

    looks like it was a lovely party!

    now, what’s this about marinating cucumbers? 🙂

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