Oh My Goodness!

The plans and organisation have paid off! We have a back yard again, and can now get someone in to fix the decking! There was four cubic meters of stuff hauled away to the tip, and a trunk load of stuff (books, clothing, board games) went to the local Vinnies.

The cull feels so good! Next to pull down all the stuff in the roof and assess!

In other news, I received the most wonderful card from the recipient of the Purple Percy Shawl, and she loved it! I’m so relieved and happy that it made it safely to her, and that she likes it!

Have some more local sites taken on the phone. The handiest camera I own!



An elegant tea

I was about to say that you have no idea how much fun I had setting this up; but those of you that know me will have a pretty good idea actually! (I marinated cucumber!!!)

Let’s see, it was; an excuse to show off all my pretty lacey things,


Elegant Tableware

My beautiful china and furniture,


Garden Set-up

Then there was the food!



Everything seemed to go down really well, and everyone was very impressed! Now I can’t wait to do it all again!



In which we go shopping with purpose

This weekend Spring finally felt like it had loosened the stranglehold of Winter. With the sun shining, and the earth feeling like it was waking up from a long night’s sleep, I felt the urge to spring clean the house, and prepare for party season!



So instead of clearing and cleaning, we began backwards and went to the local nursery!



Look at all the beautiful plants!!!





So much potential!



Oh, and of course we’ll definitely need a water feature.

With a crocodile.



Next week, the hard yards of clearing space for the new acquisitions!