Project Bag

Every now and then, for no reason whatsoever, I like to give myself a challenge! Most recently it came in the guise of a project bag in the shape of a cube. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, and I set about coming up with a design and pattern.

There was some sketching, and lots of paper got cut up and then sticky taped back together, all in the name of inventing.

I didn’t get any photos of that though.

I did get photos of the cute fabric once it arrived via the magic of the internet!


Himself was most perplexed about the shapes I was cutting out until he saw the whole lot together!


Obviously, there was also enough fabric left over for a notions pouch as well!

And here it is in action, on the street!


My yarn is nestled in there all cozy and warm and safe from … what ever may feel like attacking yarn really.


Let’s go with “cats”.

The Season continues

Our tree is up, much to the amusement of the feline members of the household. They can’t get enough of the train (it sings). So it had to be moved to higher ground for it’s own safety!

tree train

Carols are allowed for just a few songs a day, and acceptable renditions are cover versions done by Twisted Sister. I discovered their xmas album by fluke just days ago and bought it instantly! In more traditional music; The Nutcracker Suite seems to not provoke, and therefore has been on reasonably high rotation in an attempt to prolong Himself’s sanity.

tree ornaments

This week I made fudge to go with the gingerbread. Again, assembling all the ingredients first …

fudge ingredients

I don’t have any “making shots” owing to all hands being needed at all times, but here’s the finished product.


And here’s the finished product!!!

edible gifts

I hope all your seasonal cooking is going successfully too!

December already?

Oh my goodness! It’s already December! I guess that means it’s time for some baking! Today I decided to make gingerbread biscuits to take to some parties I’ve been invited to as hostess gifts. So I dusted off Mum’s old recipe, assembled my tools,

baking equipment

pulled together my ingredients,


and combined them all together.

cookie dough

Once the dough had been mixed it goes into the fridge to firm up for rolling and kneading, this is the perfect time to wash up everything you’ve used so far, and sit down to enjoy your favourite cup of tea. Today I chose White Christmas by T2; I thought it was apt. *grins*


Out of the fridge and it’s time to make a really big and tasty mess!

cutting cookies

In that special way that only I can, I ran out of baking paper after 2 trays and there were 4 trays of biscuits.

cookie sheet

Out of the oven and left to cool,


it’s time to assemble more tools in preparation for icing the biscuits.

icing ingredients

I use a disposable, zip lock bag in an attempt to stop the sticky sweet mess from spreading too far around the room!

icing the biscuits

And finally, the finished biscuits. All ready to be packaged up and tied with pretty ribbon, ready to be gifted.


I’ve decided that my rusty piping skills give the biscuits a “rustic” look. *grins*