Project Bag

Every now and then, for no reason whatsoever, I like to give myself a challenge! Most recently it came in the guise of a project bag in the shape of a cube. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, and I set about coming up with a design and pattern.

There was some sketching, and lots of paper got cut up and then sticky taped back together, all in the name of inventing.

I didn’t get any photos of that though.

I did get photos of the cute fabric once it arrived via the magic of the internet!


Himself was most perplexed about the shapes I was cutting out until he saw the whole lot together!


Obviously, there was also enough fabric left over for a notions pouch as well!

And here it is in action, on the street!


My yarn is nestled in there all cozy and warm and safe from … what ever may feel like attacking yarn really.


Let’s go with “cats”.

5 thoughts on “Project Bag

    1. Hehe, wait til you see the other one! 😀
      It’s for a swap though (the other project bag and the red thing), so there’ll be a post about the whole swap pack after it’s been received 🙂

      And the red yarn is alpaca and silk! So beautiful ti knit with!!!

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