The Waltz Scarf

After being asked about the red creation I was knitting the other day in the Project Bag post, I thought I’d show you the finished product.

It was just a simple scarf I was whipping up for a swap. The stitch pattern looked like this …


I finished it on Saturday (and not before time!), and set about blocking it.



And here it is pinned out.


I was going to wait to post until after it had arrived with it’s intended so as to maintain the surprise. But, they won’t know who they are until they get it, and they they’ll see it, so there’s no harm in posting pics of it here! 😀

For those who are going to ask, it’s alpaca and silk!

6 thoughts on “The Waltz Scarf

  1. Wow! It’s beautiful. It’s amazing what a difference the type of yarn used makes — I’d done a piece with a similar module pattern, but the mohair in the yarn made the result very different. Congrats on your beautiful finished project!

    1. I did miscalculate though. It looks good all pinned out, but when held up it drapes heavy and most of the holes and the pattern aren’t visible 😦 But it still feels wonderful! 😀

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