The Gnome Swap

To go with the posts I’ve already shown you of what I was sending to my Swapee (the stitch markers and the scarf) here’s what else I bundled up and posted off on Monday.

First there was a brooch which I designed and hand sewed.


Then there was the knitting kit bag


Full of helpful items. (yarn needles, tape measure, scissors, etc)


With the matching Project Bag.


Full of yarn,


and fully lined.


Along with some other cute bits and pieces that had been indicated, it all got wrapped up and posted off!


I hope they like it! *excited*

5 thoughts on “The Gnome Swap

  1. OMG Wow! How could they not love every bit there! You made such great stuff…. the stitch markers are adorable and the brooch is so cute. Those two bags are so awesome!

  2. Your Swapee is very lucky. Those are some terrific goodies. 🙂 I especially like the bags and the stitch markers turned out really well!

    1. Thank you! 😀 I’m not completely unhappy with it all, but I do worry. Damn package envy on the “thank you” thread! But I had to send it so far too … 😦 Damn living on the wrong side of the world!

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