The Season continues

Our tree is up, much to the amusement of the feline members of the household. They can’t get enough of the train (it sings). So it had to be moved to higher ground for it’s own safety!

tree train

Carols are allowed for just a few songs a day, and acceptable renditions are cover versions done by Twisted Sister. I discovered their xmas album by fluke just days ago and bought it instantly! In more traditional music; The Nutcracker Suite seems to not provoke, and therefore has been on reasonably high rotation in an attempt to prolong Himself’s sanity.

tree ornaments

This week I made fudge to go with the gingerbread. Again, assembling all the ingredients first …

fudge ingredients

I don’t have any “making shots” owing to all hands being needed at all times, but here’s the finished product.


And here’s the finished product!!!

edible gifts

I hope all your seasonal cooking is going successfully too!

4 thoughts on “The Season continues

    1. Daw!!! *hugs* I’m sorry we couldn’t make it up on the weekend. I hope Carols and 2FD both went off without a hitch!

      Yes definitely to catching up in the NY! Be safe and Well, and speak to you soon!

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