Afternoons of Awesome include;

– Relaxing new music purchases

– Some newly acquired crafting items


Noro Yarn
Noro Yarn


Crafting Materials
Crafting Materials

– My favourite tea partaken in my favouite corner of the living room



– Possibly some Swedish Nazi Zombies (in the snow)

– Some finished projects


Crochet bookmarks
Crochet bookmarks

In which we go shopping with purpose

This weekend Spring finally felt like it had loosened the stranglehold of Winter. With the sun shining, and the earth feeling like it was waking up from a long night’s sleep, I felt the urge to spring clean the house, and prepare for party season!



So instead of clearing and cleaning, we began backwards and went to the local nursery!



Look at all the beautiful plants!!!





So much potential!



Oh, and of course we’ll definitely need a water feature.

With a crocodile.



Next week, the hard yards of clearing space for the new acquisitions!

A new direction

So here I am, with a new blog for Ghoti Industries and I have yet to say anything related to the store. In my mind it’s going through an almost total re-vamp, both in contents and design, but these things take time.

Meanwhile I can tell you that I’ve been working on projects that will soon be available under some of the new sections. I have been sorting through my back catalogue of photographs and they will soon be available for purchase, printed in varying sizes. My needle work and various knitted pieces will also soon be available for sale.

Until things get a little more stable, I’ll leave you with a picture of something I’m currently working on.