In which we go shopping with purpose

This weekend Spring finally felt like it had loosened the stranglehold of Winter. With the sun shining, and the earth feeling like it was waking up from a long night’s sleep, I felt the urge to spring clean the house, and prepare for party season!



So instead of clearing and cleaning, we began backwards and went to the local nursery!



Look at all the beautiful plants!!!





So much potential!



Oh, and of course we’ll definitely need a water feature.

With a crocodile.



Next week, the hard yards of clearing space for the new acquisitions!

6 thoughts on “In which we go shopping with purpose

  1. I think we could skip the water feature (no more mosquitoes than we already have are necessary… in fact we need a few more bats to balance things out as it is) and the crocodile as well. But those other plants would be lovely. I especially like the little bell-shaped/lanter-flowered plants.

    Someday, I will have a beautiful garden. 🙂

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