The Rocks – Again

I’ve been going over and over the rest of the photos from the wee excursion to the Rocks from the past weekend, and it seems a terrible shame to me that so many of them are left unseen. So here’s just a sampler of some of my favourites!

I apologise in advance for WordPress cutting off the right edge of my landscape photos, I’m still making tweaks to this page, and trying to sort out some of the intricacies!

The Welcome Wagon!


A taste of the newer architecture in the area.


And some of the older features.


I love the market canopy. It feels so permanent, so stable, and holds so much under it’s sails. Yet, during the week it doesn’t exist and cars drive along this road!


I adored this back pack, seen on a passing market go-er. I should have stopped her and asked her where she acquired it!


These exquisite heels were in a local art gallery just down the street. Aren’t they just spectacular?!?


The horse drawn carriage is there to remind people of a bygone era. Something a little older, a little slower paced, and the rides are remarkably reasonably priced!


As our final stop before we headed for Circular Quay, we dropped into one of the most magical places in Sydney. The Puppet Shop. I didn’t get any photos of inside, you aren’t allowed. But walking off the street, and down the rickety old stair case (which you know is original) is like entering another world. It brings a joy to my heart and peace to my being.


And the sign over the counter announced that it’s for sale …

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