Then there was fish

Himself and I hosted a small soiree of familial proportions recently. We were aiming for relaxed gathering that was a little different to what we normally do. I think we achieved our goal admirably!

We began by heading down the road to the Sydney Fish Markets, where, as the name suggests, you can buy fish.


Did I mention fish?


And marine life?


And fillets! (of fish)


And marine life!


But there’s so much more to the Fish Markets! On any visit you can buy everything you need for a large party, or small gathering. From the wine,


To the deli selection of cheeses, cured meats, and sauces.


If you’re inclined towards a romantic encounter, you can also purchase a good start on the way to any woman’s heart; flowers


Followed by a mountain of chocolate!


One thought on “Then there was fish

  1. yes, the markets of fish are grand, but they smell. i love that whole area, just up the road is the fine food precinct, simon johnson et al. and diving into the speciality stores at the fish markets is an adventure to be hold.

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