Turn on the Lights 2016

Two weeks after spraining my ankle and making myself even more house bound (again) I was determined to make it to Turn on the Lights in Dam Square. I have never missed it, and darned if I’m going to now!

 photo IMG_3350_zpsktl8d7st.jpg

We had back up plans of where and how to get crutches if I needed them, but it turned out to not be necessary thank goodness!

 photo IMG_3362_zps70p0gyiy.jpg

I feel I’ve lost my touch with post writing. I’ll need to work on it again for you.

 photo IMG_3368_zps0llcmojj.jpg

Get back in to the swing of things.

 photo IMG_3375_zpsamyboe4p.jpg

Turn on the lights seems almost subdued this year compared to previous years.

 photo IMG_3379_zpsfrhi1pte.jpg

I’m not sure how much that had to do with the production, or the pouring rain.

 photo IMG_3388_zpspbhxqntm.jpg

It was still a free street performance though, so there was no way I wouldn’t be there!

 photo IMG_3392_zps6yxapnaf.jpg

I love the use of all 3 axes of space that are used each year.

 photo IMG_3399_zpsat7kalr8.jpg

And partly the nutters like me who turn up every year are what make it so much fun!

 photo IMG_3411_zpspacrsxns.jpg

And to top it all off, Elsa from Frozen sang Let It Go this year before the countdown to the lights being turned on.

 photo IMG_3424_zps7glwkeqb.jpg

I can tell you now that I wasn’t the only person in the audience singing along at the top of my lungs!

 photo IMG_3432_zpsw4c0wczi.jpg

This is it! The silly season has (for me) officially begun! The Sint is in the Netherlands, and we’re on the count down to Giftmas. Are you ready?!?

2 thoughts on “Turn on the Lights 2016

  1. Yay! I’m glad to hear you were able to make it despite the injury and were willing to brave the weather. Though more subdued, it looks like something not to be missed.

    I have no doubt there were a whole lot of other celebrants who knew the words to that song, whether they wish to or not 😉

    Ready for Giftmas? Not at all. If I’m lucky, I’ll be ready sometime before Giftmas. If not, well, it will be belated Giftmas for everyone… Hopefully no one will mind too much. 🙂

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