Playing Catch-ups!

I don’t mean to brag (warning; bragging ahead) but we have been busy! I have so many things I want to tell you which I haven’t had the time or energy to get around to! So instead of in depth posts about everything, I’m going to do one giant catch up post. And lucky you, you’re reading it right now!

 photo IMG_5333_zpsmiryp1qn.jpg

First I shall finish off telling you how amazing Perth was! We went out to the desert (in the pouring, flooding, rain) and visited the Pinnacles!

 photo IMG_5297_zpspuhvuago.jpg

There was also a drag show, and the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends.

 photo IMG_6715_zpsbgd82wva.jpg

 photo IMG_5721_zpsw9ocb8u0.jpg

I have been back to Our Lord in the Attic, and finally had a tour of the inside of the Palace.

 photo IMG_5846_zpsa5edahmw.jpg

 photo IMG_6628_zpsz0jpyi2u.jpg

We had friends in from Zurich and went to the Dali/Banksy exhibit. I’ve also watched Spring arrive in the Parks and seen the birds with chicks in their nests.

 photo IMG_6648_zpsyjaj1t5f.jpg

 photo IMG_6755_zps4sl913er.jpg

Oscar has been pining for siblings and attention since becoming an only cat, so we’ve taken pity on him and he will be getting siblings shortly. We went out to visit them, and this is a picture of his new brothers (and their father). They should be arriving home soon.

We also went to the Harry Potter Exhibition (same one I saw in Sydney 5 years ago, not the one I saw at Leavesden Studios).

 photo IMG_6005_zps5nghtsqp.jpg

And to round off this post (though by no means get you up to date yet) there has been knitting on the beach.

 photo IMG_6815_zpsv7olrkxk.jpg

 photo IMG_6816_zpsf9umift0.jpg

We are all living in hope that the weather will in fact warm up at some stage soon, so there can be more actual enjoyable time walking on the sand.

As it turns out, there will apparently be more than one post to get you up to date. Stay tuned for more shortly!

(Credit for the two photos of the Fishie go to Himself and MouseCatFish respectively)

6 thoughts on “Playing Catch-ups!

  1. So many wonderful adventures. I’m pining for that beach and knitting; that looks absolutely perfect to me 😀

    1. It is a wonderful spot! And just around the corner from an amazing knitting store! (BONUS)
      The fact that where we were sitting is also behind glass meant that we could get the sun, but were protected from the cold wind.
      (Additional fact – I’ve looked at houses out there…)

      1. Looking at houses there sounds brilliant to me. I’d not want to leave (provided one had a glassed in area from which to enjoy the sun during those seasons when it is less comfortable to be outdoors…)

      2. I found one! Now I just need €800,000 …
        And it’s an hour out of Ams with little/no public transport…
        :goes back to the drawing board:

  2. Great stuff Anne! What a fab life u lead! Sending so much love from here! Great catch up 😝👍❌❌❌

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