Fine Week, Gentle Readers!

I hope this week finds you well, and that you all had wonderful and productive (or relaxing) weekends! Himself and I have been away. But we’re back now.

 photo IMG_2498_zps10bbb488.jpg

I’m still processing the nearly three thousand, three hundred photographs that I took. So while I’m trying to get my head around that, let us see if you can guess where we went! Would you like to know more?

Never start with the weather.

It was a chill and bleak Winter day in Amsterdam that found Pukeko waiting at the Rijksmuseum for his mate Rupert to turn up for a visit from Australia!

 photo IMG_8565_zpsf64ea327.jpg

He had thought he’d watch the ice skaters while he waited … Would you like to know more?

Prague – Part 1

With the kitties shiny new passports we were able to dump them in a cattery, and jump on a train to Prague! (We are loving parents, I swear!)

 photo 88326a2d-10a6-4d8c-a05a-dd6196b25f32_zps99a827c9.jpg

As an amusing side note, we managed to forget our own passports and may have had just a small international altercation and possibly a fine going over the first German border. (Yay for friendly German Police!) (Yes, you read that sentence correctly!) Good thing we were still awake for it given that it was a sleeper train! But we were never asked for our passports again the whole trip. So there you go.

The word that kept coming in to all our minds was “awesome”. The city was AWESOME. Such a magical fairytale city that truly looked like it had been pulled from the pages of my childhood storybooks.

The buildings are so …

 photo 6a8ab7ff-3085-49d7-a74d-084c2248fbde_zpsda8a2128.jpg

… highly …

 photo ce129942-6865-46e7-bf2d-0583506c3e8e_zps05138fc5.jpg

… ornamented …

 photo de08d848-8894-4c9d-84c3-c2a735d3520b_zps800c4885.jpg

and around each corner, another turret or spire piercing high into the sky (Church of Our Lady before Týn – 14th Century)!

 photo 76af9ac9-fd57-46a1-a027-dcf274626bcf_zps2a522800.jpg

Then wonder of wonders, the Astronomical Clock (1410).

 photo 70f74004-1228-40e8-b81e-0015bbc16491_zps7be83631.jpg

Then high on a hill, overlooking it all, there’s Prague Castle (870 – kinda).

 photo 23836af8-2ef2-43de-a491-05a2f2f7a497_zps8dfea63c.jpg

And the Charles Bridge (1357 – better photos to come) connects it all together.

 photo 341dd695-0b15-484b-96d2-ae35336baeb3_zps2cf71a63.jpg

I have been over …

 photo 71f870cb-932d-4ba0-8946-49701ab90cc6_zps23a9b655.jpg

…and under …

 photo 61f058cf-bbaf-44ab-86a4-b1576e58c96a_zps2a985d5c.jpg

some of the oldest buildings in the world. And I can’t even remember how many churches I’ve been in! We’ll count them together shall we? (Yes Mum, this time I got photos for you!)

Now I’m going to share that adventure with all of you!

Jurassic Lounge

Just like so many other people, we went to the final Jurassic Lounge of 2011. Those of you with keen eyesight and memories will remember that we went to the first one way back in February.

Though I must say, going by the volume of people that turned up, I think they’d be silly not to run it again! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the museum so full! Sections of it when there’s a specific exhibition on yes, but the was packed all night! HOORAY for the Australian Museum!


Just for a change of pace from our usual route through the museum (beginning down and heading up), with tickets purchased and complimentary drinks acquired, we headed on up to the Dinosaur exhibit. I was determined this time to work my way down through the Museum for a change!


As much as I really got into wandering around the Museum with the glass of wine in my hand, it did somewhat inhibit picture taking when you need both hands to be steady because of the low light! But I managed to work around it! *smiles *


Scores of people!


You might remember Ripley from the February post linked to above …


It really is amazing the art that can be created on the wall with a projector and some dirty glass dishes!


*tries not to make a Monty Python reference *


For those in the know, this was originally where Himself and I were planning on holding our Wedding Reception. In the Bone Room! Is that not a spectacular idea?!? Dinner amongst the bones!!!


At this Jurassic Lounge though, the bone room was the karaoke room.


I have a few more photos that I would like to share with you from this trip, but those can wait for now. Hi-Ho Silver, AWAY!


Until next time, keep adventuring!