Never start with the weather.

It was a chill and bleak Winter day in Amsterdam that found Pukeko waiting at the Rijksmuseum for his mate Rupert to turn up for a visit from Australia!

 photo IMG_8565_zpsf64ea327.jpg

He had thought he’d watch the ice skaters while he waited …

 photo IMG_8567_zpse6bb37f1.jpg

… but they weren’t there yet.

But it didn’t matter, for soon there was Rupert!

 photo IMG_8568_zpsd22979e7.jpg

They hugged like old friends do, and set off on an Adventure!

 photo IMG_8766_zps2aa644e0.jpg

The first stop was the Cheese Museum! Because all things are better with cheese!

 photo IMG_8571_zpsc64c3132.jpg

And cheese is better when you play dress-ups! Traditional(ish) Dutch clothing makes for good tourist experiences!

 photo IMG_8572_zpsaa810ce4.jpg

After repeatedly trying every cheese in the shop it was time to relax over some cocktails. Just a couple. Each.

 photo IMG_8575_zps45fedbc8.jpg

The Boys discovered that there is a “Build your own Magnum” booth in the food court of de Bijenkorf!

 photo IMG_8589_zpsc1768a07.jpg

By this time Reginald was freed from the drudgery of the daily grind and had caught up to join in the adventure too!

 photo IMG_8592_zps6548e95e.jpg

The ice creams were delicious!

 photo IMG_8595_zpscd94ab7b.jpg

But may also have put everyone into sugar coma!

 photo IMG_8596_zpsc32407b0.jpg

So it was decided that it was time to walk out into the night towards the next adventure!

One thought on “Never start with the weather.

  1. A cheese museum and make-your-own-Magnums? Sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next installment of their adventures 🙂

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