Amsterdam Light Festival

The days are stretching out, and the night is finally releasing its grip on the Northern Hemisphere. Before the light began to reclaim the skies, we took time out to see Amsterdam Light Festival before it finished for the season.

 photo IMG_8598_zps8c704abb.jpg

There were so many beautiful sculptures and exhibits to take in.

 photo IMG_8620_zpsb08854bc.jpg

Myself and Himself were completely enthralled as we cruised up and down water ways which we had yet to travel. This is in front of the Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum).

 photo IMG_8625_zps0d632e1a.jpg

I loved the light snowflakes on this hotel. It makes me speculate on how grandiose it must look on the inside!

 photo IMG_8667_zps6a13b8f6.jpg

Now if only we could get the weather to produce some real snowflakes! (Before you ask, it’s not going to get cold enough this year.)

These lights reminded me of fireworks.

 photo IMG_8674_zpsf8f12a75.jpg

Making the standard street lights in to an interactive exhibit using steam was an inspired idea.

 photo IMG_8695_zpsbfbbfd3a.jpg

This is the first canal we lived above, and that building (*points*) is where we lived. It was kind of odd seeing it from this perspective for the first time.

 photo IMG_8708_zps929919a8.jpg

This piece is massive, and scans through colour changes too!

 photo IMG_8724_zps0d59e549.jpg

The piece is in the shape of the building that once used to be in this position.

 photo IMG_8729_zps1a56715c.jpg

It was built to represent how much can be lost with the passing of time and the modernisation of a city.

When combined with the gluhwein that was included in the ticket, it was definitely something we need to do again next year!

6 thoughts on “Amsterdam Light Festival

  1. Oh no! No snow? 😦 (sad face) You should definitely go and have a drink in one of those fancy hotels, they’re not as expensive as they look for a glass of wine and I even stayed for dinner and had a €15 burger 🙂 So worth at the bar as they often have live piano too.

  2. I love the cats facing off, but I particularly like the idea of the exhibit in the final picture — gives one a lot to think on, both in the cities where one lives and the cities one visits!

    1. The city we live in now, and all the grandeur that can be lost without careful future planning. It was sad that the building the lights represented has gone, but wonderful to be able to see it again too 🙂

  3. Seeing where I used to live from a different view is always little odd for me.

    I feel like that when visiting Sydney, particularly King St (Newtown) as it is always changing with shops opening and closing changing the dynamic and the feel of the place.

    Beautiful lights, love the interactive steam street lights idea. I love things that engage you and make you a part of it.

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