Titan and I returned to the Handbag Museum the other day, and in a fortuitous turn of events, they do allow photography! Just not flash photography. So get ready for the grand (abbreviated) tour!

 photo IMG_8818_zpsb22c2969.jpg

Of course the first “handbags” for carrying all your personal items were pockets, and these were hidden in your grand, voluminous, all-encompassing skirts!

But when styles altered and silhouettes decreased in size, pockets became an external accessory!

 photo IMG_8822_zps1086815b.jpg

There are many examples of each style of bag as they come and go through the pages of history.

 photo IMG_8833_zpsd3e7f086.jpg

Along with exquisite examples of the detail and finesse of the artistry that goes into each piece.

 photo IMG_8838_zps1dda1ed8.jpg

Of course there are also examples of alternatives to handbags as well. Behold the ever popular (and practical) chatelaine! Most recently in my television viewing spotted being worn by the incomparable Mrs Hughes of Downton Abbey

 photo IMG_8871_zps147170a7.jpg

There are also many more recent pieces in the museum, and as we slipped seamlessly into the 20th Century we came across one of my favourite sections; the bags that look like things!

This one is made to resemble a ship as it was created for the first class passengers on the maiden voyage of the Normandie! (1935)

 photo IMG_8949_zps14473543.jpg

There are a number of just beautiful pieces which perfectly exemplify both their time and their designers, like the Lucite collection …

 photo IMG_8980_zpsff4637b0.jpg

… this Prada collection …

 photo IMG_8922_zps36da6b4c.jpg

… this beautiful Alexander McQueen contribution …

 photo IMG_8974_zpsb0083a57.jpg

… and Coco Chanel’s bag.

 photo IMG_9000_zps1589a810.jpg

But for me the trip is happy and complete when I spot the Judith Leiber Cupcake.

 photo IMG_8945_zps20c9727f.jpg

Couldn’t you just die?!?

One day my pretty, one day …

7 thoughts on “Tassenmuseum

  1. So many interesting bags — I think my favourite of this batch is the one designed to resemble an oceanliner. Very classy! The others are a bit more than I think I could successfully manage — too flamboyant and grand to suit me. But that cupcake one, I think you definitely need one like that.

  2. I think I could definitely use a wicker basket with mice on top playing cards. I’d have to find a place to put it that would protect it from the cats, though…

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