Today’s Table – Finished Objects

Hi Everyone! Did you miss me? We have lots of adventures to catch up on next week, but until then let me catch you up on all the things I’ve been knitting!

First there was this hat which I made for Himself in a neat 2×2 rib to go with the scarf I’d made him earlier this year.

 photo IMG_8556_zps3373f909.jpg

Now that the weather has finally turned, he’s wearing it all the time!

Owing to the cold weather I decided that I needed some instant neck warmth, so I made this quick and easy cowl out of some alpaca I had lying around.

 photo IMG_8558_zps7c4993e4.jpg

It is perfectly warm and snuggly, but with no added bulk under my jacket. Just what I wanted!

A colleague of Himself’s fell in love with a hat on Etsy that he was hoping to have for his son when he arrived, and I told him I’d fix him up with that! So here’s the Totoro hat.

 photo IMG_1592_zps648d998a.jpg

It was finished with a week to spare and has the nicest shaping up the back!

 photo IMG_8560_zps5ba9f00b.jpg

I am still working on the giant beaded Aeolian, and am well into the second set of charts now.

 photo IMG_8768_zpsd4d5ff30.jpg

But it’s now too unwieldy to take with me when I travel, so I’m making another Catkin in some colours I might wear more often than the teal and pumpkin!

 photo IMG_8767_zps589e040e.jpg

So yes. Everything is grey. Grey like the weather, grey like the sky, grey like the drops of rain falling down the windows. It’s a cozy time of year to be inside with kitties on the lap, knitting needles in your hands, and with warm tea by your side.

How have you been letting the weather inspire your days?

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