Two weeks in …

The signs of January fill the streets.

 photo IMG_8455_zps31b3f2ff.jpg

The weather has been perfect to have guests, and have them indulge in the local cuisine!

 photo IMG_8459_zps00270f32.jpg

We have been to some awesome tourist attractions too! My visitors extend their greetings and salutations to my readers!

 photo IMG_8470_zps2c047c16.jpg

As it is the off-season for tourists (technically, though no one told the tourists) it’s sometimes tough to find things open. Though Rembrandtplein never closes!

 photo IMG_8542_zps2f8d2c79.jpg

We managed to see quite a significant amount, and even managed to highlight the tour with a café cat! These guys truly make life better. You can’t help but smile when a café cat allows you to sit down next to it.

 photo IMG_8472_zpsa1cf9155.jpg

A visit to Amsterdam is never complete, in my opinion, without a stroll down the floating flower market. It is one of the places I read about often before arriving, anticipated greatly, and is one of the first places I discovered. So it’s very special to me.

 photo IMG_8547_zpse17ad91f.jpg

It is a little concerning to see it full of tulips at this time of year though!

 photo IMG_8548_zpsc0ff0a88.jpg

Tulips aren’t due until Spring. Late April in fact. I know this because I have a personal project in mind that I hope you’ll all follow me through in a few months. Let’s be honest, I’ll write about it, and it’s up to you whether or not you read it, but I’d love to share it with you!

4 thoughts on “Two weeks in …

  1. Growing your own tulips this year? Looking forward to seeing more about this personal project! 🙂

    Yay for café cats! I know one restaurant that had a cat, but there don’t seem to be many places with cats around here (at least not that I’ve seen so far). Maybe because dogs are allowed or the cats don’t deign to show themselves all the time?

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