Schoenberg & Kandinsky

The Jewish Museum is currently hosting a Wassily Kandinsky exhibit! At a friend’s invitation we headed off to enrich our lives!

 photo IMG_8504_zps6773fbcd.jpg

I really like Kandinsky’s work. The colour, movement, and flow all speak to me.

 photo IMG_8506_zps126c703e.jpg

The exhibition, for those of you that didn’t follow the link above, is also about a good friend of his, Arnold Schoenberg. They were both highly influenced by music, Schoenberg being a composer as well as a painter.

 photo IMG_8508_zps3f39bd6c.jpg

This next painting at first glance was all black, but the picture was in the texture. Obviously this was difficult to catch on camera, but I think you can just make out the tree on the left, and the path up the middle, with the figure on the right.

 photo IMG_8493_zps62a144c6.jpg

We had a lot of fun walking around and just discussing life, and what emotions were evoked from each art work.

 photo IMG_8517_zpsdc6393b3.jpg

This one reminds me of a mind exploding with ideas and thoughts, to the sound of some stirring music with tympani and cannons!

 photo IMG_8519_zpsf6c8c3eb.jpg

What thoughts and feelings does this painting evoke for you?

 photo IMG_8520_zps8c08cb05.jpg

Part of the reason why I’m sure this exhibit had come to the attention of my friend, was that she is a Sovietologist. Kandinsky was Russian. So of course, as we exited through the gift shop, there may have been a purchase or two made …

 photo IMG_8528_zps8b67d393.jpg

It was a glorious day. Both for a coming together of friends, and exploring in the Amsterdam Russian Quarter.

 photo IMG_8530_zps12f30aa3.jpg

For those of you that don’t know, that building on the left is the Amsterdam branch of the world famous Hermitage, bathed in beautiful Netherlands yellow light. I know why all those artists loved it so much here!

*breathes in deep and lives the moment*

One thought on “Schoenberg & Kandinsky

  1. The fifth and sixth paintings put me in mind of some of Klee’s works; unfortunately, I’m unable to explain to my own satisfaction why my brain makes the comparison. The sixth one makes me think of music, though not a particular instrument but rather more a visualization of sound.

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