With people on holidays over New Years, some friends and I went on a mini excursion over to Haarlem for the day.

 photo IMG_8378_zpsc9d5f583.jpg

Haarlem is home to Teylers Museum which is the Netherlands first, and oldest museum.

 photo IMG_8389_zps769b9879.jpg

They have the most amazing collection of stuff!

 photo IMG_8398_zpsae9aa100.jpg

 photo IMG_8429_zps70c2459e.jpg

We spent quite a bit of time wondering what everything was, and how it had been utilised in the past. This one is a leyden battery.

 photo IMG_8392_zpsc9597e5e.jpg

They also had a truly beautiful art collection. I need to go back and research a few of these artists!

 photo IMG_8419_zpsc777dfa0.jpg

The building itself, like everything in the Netherlands, was a spectacular sight for the eyes.

 photo IMG_8431_zps2cad126d.jpg

Once we left the museum, we wandered through the centre square and found a nice café to sit down and have lunch.

 photo IMG_8435_zpsde8b4ce8.jpg

It was also the last day of the season to get our hands on some Oliebollen, so some indulgences were had.

 photo IMG_8441_zpsfff880b4.jpg

After a short and fruitful trip to the local yarn store, then another café, we headed on back to Amsterdam. It was a wonderful day, and I will tell you just on the quiet, I’d been searching for that yarn for YEARS!!! Now to pick a pattern!

3 thoughts on “Haarlem

  1. The building looks stunning, but I must admit that the museum looks overwhelming. Even if samples and pieces were well-labeled and -organized, there’s just so much to see and take in. Did you focus on certain exhibits or just try to see as much of everything as you could?

    The battery looks intriguing and I’d be curious to know the artist of the painting you featured.

    Congrats on the yarn purchase! Can’t wait to see it and what you produce with it! 🙂

    1. The building is gorgeous! What you can’t see from these photos is that it’s also tiny 🙂 So there’s much less chance of information overload. I think we actually saw the whole thing except for the library. They have a library of old/rare books … *excited*

      The artist of that painting was Jacobus van Looy, and the painting is “De Tuin” 1893 (the garden).

      In that very special “George” kind of way, which I do so well, the pattern I want to make requires a contrast yarn. So it may be a while until we see that one! :/ I’m a duffer.

  2. They have.. a library?? *adds this to her list of must-visit museums*

    The painting’s lovely. Will be curious to hear what more of his works you encounter, what you learn about him in the future.

    Now will be very curious to see this project! 🙂 Can you find the yarn online or nearby?

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