De Oude Kerk

Himself got a day off work. Deciding to make the most of it, we planned on heading to a local medieval castle! Of course when the day dawn cold and wet (first day of summer, and Solstice don’cha’know) we decided that we’d get terrible photos and I couldn’t do that to all of you lovely readers. So plans changed and we ended up at the Oude Kerk and the World Press Photo Exhibition therein.

 photo IMG_3712_zps49596233.jpg

I’m not sure why is didn’t occur to me that the “World Press Photos” would be taken from “World Press”, and therefore mostly about War and Sports. But it didn’t, and they were. So as often as I was impressed with the technical aspects of the photos, and how much story they told, they were quite confronting and not often heart-warming stories.

Good thing for me I had other things to absorb myself into! Would you like to know more?