New Years Day

I still find it odd that fireworks are available for general public use.

 photo IMG_8311_zps9675e723.jpg

Though at least in Amsterdam this year, they did much less damage than last year. The news supposed that the rain had kept things here quiet this year.

 photo IMG_8355_zps5cb73fde.jpg

We went to the park all rugged up for a cold that never really eventuated.

 photo IMG_8319_zpsc79d9446.jpg

It has been unseasonably warm here so far this season.

 photo IMG_8320_zps252badb5.jpg

Like last year, this is throwing the local flora and fauna for a loop.

 photo IMG_8321_zps8b0e5989.jpg

Some of the trees are blooming, and the birds are nesting. The scientists and farmers are all worried.

 photo IMG_8337_zps672a9fd3.jpg

Vondel Park is so different in the Winter. It’s still full of people, but with no foliage to obscure your view, you can actually see them all.

 photo IMG_8346_zpsfb361451.jpg

Given the mildness of the weather I think there were more families out and about than there were last year.

 photo IMG_8354_zps5c7ecf09.jpg

We walked all the way through and into Leidseplein.

 photo IMG_8357_zps6ce36e53.jpg

After stopping for a bite to eat we kept going all the way up to Centraal before hopping on a tram to go home.

 photo IMG_8369_zps7a6062f5.jpg

It was wonderful to have a day out that had no time constraints. I think I’ll do it again next year!

How did you spend your New Years Day?

As a side note, my big brother just turned 40. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. Happy Birthday Big Brother! May there be many more birthdays in your future! 😀

5 thoughts on “New Years Day

  1. We spent the day at the Bay sitting on the deck eating and drinking with old friends enjoying the sunny day and views up the harbor.

  2. We were lazy this year, but in previous years, I’ve enjoyed getting out and wandering around the quiet city on New Year’s Day.

    As an aside, how great to see one of the painted elephants by Utrecht artist, L-Tuziasm in the fifth photo!

  3. We saw in the New Year on Sydney Harbour drinking and eating on a Catamaran watching the fireworks – and then returned to Canberra on the historic train catching some sleep in our berths before breakfast and a 9:30 AM arrival – Daniel, Leah and Sarah had stayed with their cousins. Can’t we remmeber what we did on teh day – but New Year’s Eve was unforgettable.

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