London – Part 10

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ticket I bought on Platform 9 ¾ didn’t get me to Hogwarts, but I did get there.

 photo IMG_7159_zps55a1f2aa.jpg

I took myself and our Dear Hostess off for a tour of the Leavesdon Studios. Partly in thanks for her hospitality, and partly because I’m a massive fan girl. I’m at peace with this information.

 photo IMG_7259_zps2d64efa6.jpg

There was so much in those two sound studios! So much information to absorb, and so many tiny intricate details to see! I may also have misjudged just how big sound studios are! We were there for over four hours!

I had been worried that after having seen the exhibition in Sydney that I’d just be seeing all the same things again, but it was so much better! Partly because this time I was allowed to take photographs!

 photo IMG_7339_zpseb34fca4.jpg

Doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you what I saw in the Mirror of Erised though!

 photo IMG_7217_zps2c9f1e2f.jpg

I have put my name into the Goblet of Fire

 photo IMG_7262_zpsf555f3b0.jpg

… taken a Potions lesson from Professor Snape …

 photo IMG_7268_zps38907fd7.jpg

… read Dumbledore’s Last Will and Testament for myself …

 photo IMG_7319_zps280bed66.jpg

… crossed the bridge into Hogwarts (not the blown up bit, obviously) …

 photo IMG_7335_zpsc69c6105.jpg

… marvelled at Mermaids …

 photo IMG_7354_zpsd3c6d888.jpg

… and walked up Diagon Alley!

 photo IMG_7376_zps0486c2fd.jpg

Must have been the wrong time of day though, because all the shops were closed. I’ll obviously have to go back!

It was all so amazing! The level of detail in every single thing you looked at was beyond compare. I’ve bought things from department stores that didn’t have this much care and effort put into their manufacture! And it’s all there on display for you to look at, and wonder at.

In the very last room before you exit through the gift shop is a truly amazing and wonderful thing. It’s the 1:24 model of Hogwarts which they used for the films. With each Director adding his own twists and flavour with each successive movie.

 photo IMG_7426_zps4cdde39c.jpg

It was used in each of the films, and the footage was then digitally enhanced in order to create realistic views of the castle.

 photo IMG_7442_zpsa7aeae11.jpg

This completely blew me away. You can see from the people in my photographs the scale of the model, and the level of detail is just mind bending. It’s a little unfortunate that it is at the end of the tour, as there were a few people topping out with information overload by this point, and it is hard to take in anymore (especially something this grandiose) when you get to this point.

Things I may also have done; ridden the night bus, visited the Ministry of Magic, ridden on a flying broom stick (I have pics, so it did happen!), and I am now the proud owner of a Time Turner! (I’ll never be out of time again!)

With this epic tour, our trip to London reached its climactic end. The next morning we were off early back to Heathrow, and before we knew it we were picking up the cats from the animal hotel. The cats had quite a few loud meows to say about their apparent abandonment, but their perfectly coddled condition belied their howls of neglect.

Suddenly we were thrust back into daily routine, and now we find ourselves staring down the barrel of year-end festivities! So hold on to your hats! It’s only ramping up from here!

6 thoughts on “London – Part 10

    1. That first page that you can see does indeed have everything that is read out by the Minister for Magic in the seventh movie. The level of detail in absolutely everything was just obsessive! 🙂

    1. It was so amazing! Totally worth paying WB again for the privilege! 😀
      You do need to book your tickets early though to get a “good time slot” if you go, as entrances are timed to try and space out the crowds. If I’d booked mine earlier I might have gotten an earlier time slot on the day I wanted to go, but then there might have been more people going through earlier in the day … *conflicted*

      Completely worth the exorbitant entrance fee! 😀

  1. O M G !!! Did I post here yet saying how much I love your London photos?! It’s too bad I couldn’t get our plan for vacation together enough so that we could have gotten together.

    We did the Harry Potter experience too — it was pretty cool.

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