London – Part 9

I am going to begin the end tale by ramping up slowly for you, as the day itself began quite slowly. Well, it did for me. Himself was off on his Conference and out the door early again. I woke up, and lolled for a while. Met the new boyfriend of the Hostess. Did some knitting … It’s me. I’m exciting.

But as the morning warmed up and the sun shone down upon us, we took action and headed for the Regents Park with some pieces of bread in a plastic bag. We were on a mission.

 photo IMG_7104_zps968e7d33.jpg

A thoroughly successful one if I do say so myself!

 photo IMG_7103_zpsf626ad37.jpg

It really was a beautiful day in London. I knew we’d been blessed with beautiful weather while we were there (not a single use of the umbrellas we’d brought with us for typical London weather!).

We made the most of this by wandering aimlessly and just taking in everything that we saw.

 photo IMG_7109_zps8c4eac28.jpg

Now, I’d given up on actually being able to have a Devonshire Tea while in London for a number of reasons. Mainly because I’d left it too late to find one that wasn’t going to cost me a fortune. (High Teas abound – at a price).

But as we wandered, and got hungry, we spied a café on the park map, and headed in that general direction.

 photo IMG_7112_zpse5b295c5.jpg

You’ll never guess what they had on display in the window …

 photo IMG_7114_zps8a35e4cd.jpg

Now the scone may have been stale, the jam may have been mass produced, and the cream … well …

 photo IMG_7115_zps36ec52d8.jpg

… the less said about that the better!

But I had a scone. And I was happy. You know what made this excursion even better? We were on the edge of the Rose Garden.

 photo IMG_7121_zps055be851.jpg

So we frolicked, while stopping to smell the roses.

 photo IMG_7142_zps748fa52f.jpg

 photo IMG_7123_zps3f2a2b54.jpg

 photo IMG_7129_zps18b0f064.jpg

But there wasn’t time to stop, yet again there was an agenda which had to be adhered to.

Just one more sight to see from Our Grand London Adventure! See you tomorrow as the Adventure comes to it’s Grand Climax!

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